George R. Berbeco is running for the board of the National Futures Association as a CTA/CPO. He began as a CTA back in 2006 after a long and fruitful career as a serial entrepreneur. He is the president of The Devon Group, Inc. based in Weston, MA.

He has founded several technical companies, including, Charleswater Products – sold to Armstrong World Industries, Syon – sold to ITW, and Xytest. He is also chairman of Bay Colony Development Corporation and is on the Board of Directors of EntrepreneurShares (ENTRX), a mutual fund. He sold his last business in the early 2000s and wanted to do something without a lot of employees. Since he traded options at the CBOE for his personal account, he decided to look at futures since he had a long-time friend who had traded futures successfully.

Berbeco combines fundamentals with quantitative factors to make his trading decisions. He has about $1 million under management and trades just S&P futures options.

Though he has not been on a regulatory board before, Berbeco has lots of board experience in the private and not-for-profit sector. In fact, his experience serving on boards is a key part of his platform. He does not have any strong opinions on any issues facing the industry, or at least that he would express at this time. Once he is on the board and fully informed, that may change, he told me in a phone interview.

Berbeco believes boards should provide governance and vision; they should not be in the business of micromanaging the organization. They should provide policy and strategy, he said.

Berbeco had no relationship with either MF Global or PFG Best at the time of their demise, though he did clear some business with MF Global some years well before their collapse.

Berbeco wants to share his broad board-level industry experience with the industry by being elected to the NFA Board. He has served on many boards across a wide spectrum of industries, from finance to adhesives, from for-profit to not-for-profit. He asks for your vote.

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