In this JLN video interview from this year’s FIA IDX in London, JLN Correspondent Julie Ros talked to Nick Solinger, the president of FIA Technology Services, Inc.  He offers a comprehensive overview of FIA Tech’s role within the industry, recent developments at FIA Tech, its future plans, and the impact of its participation in IDX.

FIA Tech’s Connection with FIA: Solinger discusses the relationship between FIA Tech and FIA (Futures Industry Association) and how they collaborate to serve the financial industry.

Big Announcement: He shares the significant announcement made by FIA Tech on the previous day, shedding light on the details and implications of this development.

Plans for the Next Year: Solinger outlines the strategic initiatives and projects that FIA Tech has in the pipeline for the coming year, giving viewers insights into the company’s future direction.

Takeaways from IDX: He reflects on the key takeaways and insights gained from the recent IDX event, highlighting noteworthy industry trends and discussions that emerged during the conference.

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