In this edition, President Obama steps up the climate change rhetoric but lacks a plan, according to Business Green. Reuters interviews a top U.S. energy advisor, who says U.S. brings forward gas self-sufficiency forecast. And across the Atlantic, EU mulls tougher emissions target under carbon market reform and France needs more local power for green energy shift.

Quote of the Day:

“I think the American people right now have been so focused, and will continue to be focused, on our economy and jobs and growth that . . . if the message is somehow, we’re going to ignore jobs and growth simply to address climate change, I don’t think anybody’s gonna go for that. I won’t go for that.”

–U.S. President Barack Obama, in Reuters’ “Obama sees second-term focus on climate change”

Lead Stories

Carbon Fee From Obama Seen Viable With Backing From Exxon
Exxon Mobil Corp. (XOM) is part of a growing coalition backing a carbon tax as an alternative to costly regulation, giving newfound prominence to an idea once anathema in Washington.

Obama sees second-term focus on climate change
President Barack Obama said he plans to work with Congress in his second term to curb human-aggravated climate change, but not at the expense of the U.S. economy.

Obama vows climate efforts but stays vague on agenda
The Hill’s E2 Wire
President Obama on Wednesday vowed new efforts to tackle global warming during his second term but offered no concrete agenda to expand on current administration policies to address what he called a major threat.

Why Al Gore should pipe down about a carbon tax
I like Al Gore. I voted for the guy twice: once for vice president, once for president. (He won the popular vote both times.)                           

Senate delves into Sandy’s climate link
The Hill’s E2 Wire
A Senate hearing Thursday will provide an early test of whether Superstorm Sandy will force new action on climate change. Democrats want to ensure that a bill authorizing flood control projects will better defend coastlines against powerful storms that could be fueled by global warming.

As U.S. hesitates, California pours billions into green energy
California, long the national leader in clean energy policy, is poised to double down on its investments in the sector, with billions in new subsidies set to flow in over the next few years.

U.K. Gas Prices, Carbon Permits, Level Global: Compliance
The U.K. government said it’s prepared to legislate to clamp down on wholesale natural-gas trading should price-fixing allegations prove true.

FERC Suspends JPMorgan Unit’s Power-Trading Authority
The U.S. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission yesterday suspended a JPMorgan Chase & Co. (JPM) unit’s electrical-trading authority, saying it had filed false information to regulators.

EU mulls tougher emissions target under carbon market reform
Business Green
The EU has confirmed it is considering strengthening its emission reduction target to 30 per cent by 2020 and retiring a number of allowances as part of plans to reform the European carbon market.

France needs more local power for green energy shift
Centralised France may lack the clout at local government level to ease its new shift to greener energy, contrasting with the regional and grass-roots power that helped push through the rise of renewables in Germany.

Polling day shambles for coalition over climate change policy
Business Green
The coalition’s green policy is in disarray after an undercover film revealed George Osborne’s father-in-law claiming that the chancellor is behind a Tory campaign to oppose commitments against climate change.

Climate change risks soar for emerging Asian superpowers
Business Green
Companies operating in Asia are set to be most exposed to “spiralling environmental risks” due to climate change, according to a major new report.

India wants comprehensive climate talks in Doha
The Times of India
India has demanded that environment ministers gathering in Doha for climate talks in November-end discuss not just greenhouse gas emission reductions but finance, technology and other issues closer to developing countries’ interest too.    


Doha Climate Change Conference
United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change
Nov. 26-Dec. 7, 2012


Korea’s Carbon-Trading Systems Set for Testing Next Year
South Korea, the fastest-growing greenhouse-gas emitter among richer nations, plans to begin trials next year of its cap-and-trade system and will select an exchange in the first half, a top climate official said.

U.S. House OKs bill to shield airlines from EU carbon fees
The U.S. House of Representatives voted on Tuesday to bar airlines from complying with a European Union law that would force them to pay for their carbon emissions one day after the EU offered to stop the clock on enforcing the measure.

Making the most of the carbon market opportunity
Climate Spectator
The Australian carbon market is now under way, officially at least. Yet, in reality, despite efforts from government and the “hard core” Australian carbon participants, there appears to be a lot of fence-sitting going on.

Natural Gas/Coal

INTERVIEW-U.S. brings forward gas self-sufficiency forecast
The United States is bringing forward by several years the date at which it expects to become a net exporter of natural gas, the country’s top energy adviser said on Tuesday in the latest boost for the government’s energy independence agenda.

Energy Independence in the United States? Don’t Pop the Cork Yet
The New York Times
EVER since the Arab oil embargoes in the 1960s and 1970s, American presidents have pledged to end the country’s dependence on foreign oil by drilling more at home and increasing energy efficiency. But “energy independence” was little more than a dreamy campaign slogan.
OPEC Cautions on U.S. Independence
The Wall Street Journal
Much excitement was generated by the International Energy Agency’s prediction this week that the U.S. will overtake Saudi Arabia as the world’s largest oil producer by 2020.

The new boom: Shale gas fueling an American industrial revival
The Washington Post
The shale gas revolution is firing up an old-fashioned American industrial revival, breathing life into businesses such as petrochemicals and glass, steel and toys.


Norway Heads for Record Electricity Exports Amid Water Glut
Norway’s power exports may hit a record this year, amid abundant hydroelectric output and rain, evidencing a need for more cross-border cables for trade, Energy Norway said today.

SolarReserve pulls in $586M for South African clean-energy projects
SolarReserve, a U.S.-based solar energy developer has succeeded in closing a $586 million equity and debt round of financing for two South African clean-energy projects.

UK green-lights new tidal energy projects
The UK gave the go-ahead to three tidal energy projects on Wednesday, tiptoeing forward on efforts to boost a sector that could generate 20 percent of the country’s electricity.

S&P rpt:Japan’s new renewables rules spark boom, challenges
Renewable energy in Japan got a shot in the arm on July 1, 2012, when a law went into force directing electric power utilities to purchase clean energy at mandated, above-market rates, Standard & Poor’s Ratings Services said in a report published yesterday.

Wind power growth to slow, pick up after 2020
The growth of wind power generation is likely to slow over the next few years, hit by cutbacks in the budget subsidies in the United States and Europe that have driven 15 years of construction, a report published on Wednesday showed.

Solazyme to Expand Renewable-Oil Production With Bunge, ADM
Solazyme Inc. (SZYM), which makes oil products from sugar-consuming algae, will expand production capacity through partnerships with Bunge Ltd. (BG) and Archer- Daniels-Midland Co.

Terrorist Attack on Power Grid Could Cause Broad Hardship, Report Says
The New York  Times
Terrorists could black out large segments of the United States for weeks or months by attacking the power grid and damaging hard-to-replace components that are crucial to making it work, the National Academy of Sciences said in a report released Wednesday.


Sen. Alexander: Fiscal woes driving demands to cut tax credit for wind power
The Hill’s E2 Wire
Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.) on Wednesday said the nation’s fiscal situation has become so dire that the government can no longer afford to maintain a wind power production credit that has been in place since in 1992.


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