In today’s edition, China’s emissions position covered in: China Says It’s Unfair to Ask Nation for Absolute Emission Cuts and China Plans to Actively Join in Talks on Aviation Emission Cuts. Elsewhere, Energy Recovery Says Water Demand Spurring M&A Interest.

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Quote of the Day:

“The imminent failure of the Clean Development Mechanism is the greatest threat yet to clean energy in the developing world. The plummeting value of CERs places this future in grave danger.”

–Gareth Phillips, chairman of The Project Developer Forum, in “Carbon Projects Cancel Emission Credits for Doha Climate Talks”

Lead Stories

BNEF Lowers California Carbon Price Forecasts After First Sale
California carbon allowances will sell for $14.06 each next year, down 2.7 percent from previous forecasts, Bloomberg New Energy Finance said after permits cleared in an auction near the lowest allowable price.
**RKB – Additional coverage of California market in Carbon section.

EEX to Start Spot United Nations Carbon Offset Trading on Dec. 5
European Energy Exchange AG will start trading in spot contracts for United Nations carbon offsets on Dec. 5.

China Says It’s Unfair to Ask Nation for Absolute Emission Cuts
China’s lead climate negotiator said it would be unfair to require the world’s most-populous nation to reduce its carbon emissions in absolute terms.
**RKB — Short piece that again reinforces the divide among the big guys: “the world’s second-biggest economy is seeking a turning point in terms of its emissions, Xie said. It is doing so in its own way, instead of following developed nations.”

China Plans to Actively Join in Talks on Aviation Emission Cuts
China will actively take part in negotiations on emission cuts for the aviation industry, the country’s lead negotiator for Unitied Nations climate talks said today at a briefing in Beijing.

Basic Nations Seek to Limit UN Carbon Offset Use for Non-Members
Developed countries that don’t join a second commitment period of the Kyoto Protocol shouldn’t be allowed to use United Nation carbon offsets to help cut their greenhouse-gas emissions, the Basic group of nations said.

Carbon Projects Cancel Emission Credits for Doha Climate Talks
Emission-reduction projects have proposed to voluntarily cancel 25,000 metric tons of carbon credits to offset greenhouse gases from this month’s United Nations climate talks and to highlight plunging prices.

Japan’s Crude-Oil Imports Slump
The Wall Street Journal
Japan’s crude-oil imports fell sharply in October from a year earlier, reflecting rising energy conservation and utilities’ efforts to cut fuel costs at a time when nearly all of the nation’s nuclear reactors remain idle.

Sen. Vitter alleges administration hiding internal discussions on a carbon tax
The Hill’s E2 Wire
Sen. David Vitter (R-La.) accused the Obama administration on Tuesday of shielding possible discussions on a carbon tax from the public.

SUNY Closes Industry-Backed Fracking Institute
State University of New York at Buffalo is shutting down a research institute opened seven months ago to study natural-gas fracking after potential conflicts of interest raised what the college’s president called a “cloud of uncertainty” over its work.

13,950 peer-reviewed climate articles 1991-2012: 24 Reject Global Warming
James Lawrence
Polls show that many members of the public believe that scientists substantially disagree about human-caused global warming. The gold standard of science is the peer-reviewed literature. If there is disagreement among scientists, based not on opinion but on hard evidence, it will be found in the peer-reviewed literature.


Doha Climate Change Conference
United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change
Nov. 26-Dec. 7, 2012


Korea warns carbon trading advocates of ‘negative lobbying and blackmail’
Carbon trading schemes are fast sprouting across the planet as a market-based way of addressing rising greenhouse gas emissions. But advocates should be prepared for powerful business backlashes, Chang-beom Kim, the South Korean ambassador to the EU, warned a Brussels round table of business leaders and envoys on 19 November.

Results Are In: California Carbon Market Takes Flight; Backed by 2-to-1 Support
Natural Resources Defense Council blog
The California Air Resources Board announced today the results of the first cap-and-trade auction, held last Wednesday, to limit carbon pollution from large emitters under California’s clean air law, AB 32.

Kazakhstan Launches the Start of Emission Trading System from 2013
Journal of Turkish Weekly
The Ministry of Environmental Protection of RK has developed the National Allocation Plan aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

EU climate action damaged by companies buying banned credits
Responding to Climate Change blog
A flaw in the EU’s carbon market has been exposed after companies rushed to purchase carbon offset credits that will soon be banned.

REDD+ should value forests as more than “carbon warehouses”
Responding to Climate Change
Efforts to reduce emissions through deforestation must take into account the biodiversity and livelihood benefits of forests and view them as more than “carbon warehouses”, a new report has warned.

Natural Gas/Coal

COLUMN-Coal poses EU power price risk: Wynn
A return to rising world coal prices next year would underscore the European Union’s energy dependence, given global gas prices also appear on a long-term upward trend.

EIA: Coal transportation costs jump 50% in last decade
Energy Biz
The average cost of shipping coal by railroad to power plants increased almost 50% from 2001 to 2010, with rail transport accounting for more than 70% of U.S. coal destined to the electric power sector, said a new report from the U.S. Energy Information Administration.


French Power Grid Spending Could Rise to $19 Billion by 2020
France’s power grid will have to invest about 15 billion euros ($19 billion) by the end of the decade to add and refurbish electricity transmission lines as the country plans to lower its reliance on nuclear energy.

UPDATE 1-Britain to unveil minimum energy prices in June 2013
Britain will outline the minimum prices that utilities will get for generating electricity from nuclear and renewable sources in June next year, the government said on Tuesday, a move that prolongs uncertainty for investors.

Markey urges Upton to pass GRID Act
The Hill’s E2 Wire
Rep. Ed Markey (D-Mass.) urged House Energy and Commerce Committee chairman Rep. Fred Upton (R-Mich.) in a letter Monday to pass a bill aimed at securing the nation’s electrical grid from cyberattacks.


Energy Recovery Says Water Demand Spurring M&A Interest
Energy Recovery Inc. (ERII), which supplies equipment to the desalination industry, said it’s a possible takeover target amid booming global water demand.


Climate Change Report Warns of Dramatically Warmer World This Century (Posted Nov. 19, 2012)
World Bank

Americans’ Global Warming Beliefs and Attitudes in September 2012 (Posted Oct. 21, 2012)
Yale Project on Climate Change Communication

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Environmental Defense Fund

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