Today’s issue is chock full of stats, surveys and outlooks. The New York Times’ piece highlights just how far solar and wind costs have come down, and meet or beat natural gas and coal. An amazing convergence in the past few years when everyone in opposition was saying that subsidies should be outlawed. Nevermind the stats on the carbon subsidies, and now never mind subsidies. Technology is catching up to fossil fuels.

Editor’s note: Lysiane Baudu is out on an assignment this week as well. Thanks to Rachel Koning-Beals for filling in last week. I’m going to cover the next three days – and we will not publish on Thursday or Friday of this week.

Quote of the day

“Wind was on sale — it was a Blue Light Special,”

Jay Godfrey, managing director of renewable energy American Electric Power (AEP) in the New York Times’ piece Solar and Wind Energy Start to Win on Price vs. Conventional Fuels.

Lead stories

Solar and Wind Energy Start to Win on Price vs. Conventional Fuels
NY Times
For the solar and wind industries in the United States, it has been a long-held dream: to produce energy at a cost equal to conventional sources like coal and natural gas.
That day appears to be dawning.
**Cost comparison is amazing – solar as low as 5.6 cents a kilowatt-hour, wind as low as 1.4 cents and nat gas at 6.1 cents, coal at 6.6 cents.

67% Of Americans Support Federal CO2 Regulations
Cynthia Shahan – Clean Technica
The Yale Project on Climate Change Communication recently released statistics based on the answers of adult voters. 67% wanted environmental protection and investment into renewable energy. The survey asked 1,275 adult voters about these matters. The results reported Americans want “strict carbon dioxide emission limits on existing coal-fired power plants to reduce global warming and improve public health,” even if “the cost of electricity to consumers and companies would likely increase.” 23% percent responded they would “strongly” support the policy, and 44% said they would “somewhat” support it.
**JK – States will have to address this, as Congress hasn’t, and likely won’t.

Nearly three quarters of Brits want global action on climate change
Jessica Shankleman – Business Green
The pressure for world leaders to act on climate change is not just coming from green businesses and NGOs, according to a new government-backed survey which reveals 73 per cent of the British public want to see a global deal on climate change agreed in Paris next year.

World bank to focus future investment on clean energy
The Guardian
The World Bank will invest heavily in clean energy and only fund coal projects in “circumstances of extreme need” because climate change will undermine efforts to eliminate extreme poverty, says its president Jim Yong Kim.
**JK – Coal on the way out.

Germany may shut down eight more coal power plants, document shows
Sydney Morning Herald
Germany is working on a new law to force energy companies to shut down several more coal-fired power plants as it tries to reach ambitious climate goals, a document seen by Reuters showed on Sunday.
**JK – More evidence that coal’s on the outs.

Siemens to offload Marine Current Turbines tidal power business – 24 Nov 2014
By Jessica Shankleman – Business Green
German engineering giant Siemens has revealed it is seeking to divest from the marine energy industry, in a move that could put 45 jobs at risk.
The company announced today it is looking to sell Marine Current Turbines, which it bought in 2012, blaming the slow pace of development in the tidal energy market for its decision to divest.
**JK – The ebb.

Scotland vows to boost wave energy industry, in wake of Pelamis going into administration
By Jessica Shankleman – Business Green
The Scottish government has revealed plans to launch a new organisation dedicated to boosting the country’s fledgling wave power industry, just a day after Edinburgh-based developer Pelamis went into administration.
Scottish Energy Minister Fergus Ewing announced plans this weekend to establish “Wave Energy Scotland”, a new body that will help engineers and academics collaborate on a research and development programme to accelerate technological development of wave energy converter technology.
**JK – And flow.

Toyota hopes to recreate Prius success with hydrogen-powered Mirai
The Guardian
Toyota is betting on its hydrogen fuel cell Mirai as the next generation of green car, but they face a hard sell to replicate popularity of their top-selling Prius
From the driver’s seat of the Toyota Mirai, the world’s first mass-produced hydrogen fuel cell car could be a plusher and more powerful version of the Prius – if it wasn’t for the H20 button on the dash which releases a trickle of water.
**JK – What does the gas station of the future look like?

Some climate change impacts unavoidable: World Bank
Some future impacts of climate change, such as more extremes of heat and sea level rise, are unavoidable even if governments act fast to cut greenhouse gas emissions, the World Bank said on Sunday.

Should Endowments Divest Their Holdings in Fossil Fuels?
College and university endowments have roughly $22 billion, or 5% of their assets, invested in energy and natural resources, according to the National Association of College and University Business Officers.

US Can Slash Its Fossil Fuel Emissions By 85 Percent By 2050, New Climate Change Study Shows
International Business Times
n America’s low-carbon future, most cars will run on electricity, carbon dioxide will be stored underground, and homes and buildings will be hyper-efficient, guzzling less energy even as the population grows. This is the vision of a new analysis that maps how the United States can drastically curb its greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.


Carbon capture faces viability struggle
Financial Times
A technology at the heart of efforts to avoid global warming will struggle to be economically viable in many places, the company spearheading its use in the power industry has revealed.

Sen. Whitehouse wants a $42 per ton tax on carbon emitters
Timothy Cama – TheHill
Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.) said he will propose a bill to impose a $42 per ton tax on all carbon dioxide emissions to punish polluters.
The fee comes from the Obama’s administration’s “social cost of carbon,” the price it puts on carbon pollution when calculating the benefits of climate change regulations.

Natural gas/ Coal

It’s David vs. Two Goliaths in Texas Fracking Fig

By David Hasemyer, InsideClimate News
Man holds a sign urging people to vote for the Denton fracking ban on Election Day, Nov. 4, “Don’t mess with Texas,” says the advertising slogan that has grown into a defiant unofficial state motto.

Barrasso: GOP plans to corner Obama on energy, climate
Laura Barron-Lopez – The Hill
Sen. John Barrasso (Wyo.) says the new GOP majority plans to force President Obama to make decisions on a number of energy and climate change issues when it takes control next year.
Barrasso, a top Republican on the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, said during an interview with Platts Energy Week that Keystone XL will definitely be one of the first things tackled by the GOP.


Q&A: Germany’s Energiewende
Financial Times
Last month, Sigmar Gabriel, Germany’s vice-chancellor, warned Sweden’s prime minister Stefan Löfven that there would be “serious consequences” for electricity supplies and jobs if Sweden’s state-owned utility Vattenfall ditched plans to expand two coal mines in the northeast of Germany.

Feds to sell largest offshore wind energy area
Timothy Cama – The Hill
Federal officials will hold an auction in January for the rights to build wind turbines off Massachusetts’s shore, the largest sale of its kind.
The 742,000-acre area is south of Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket, and could provide up to 5 gigawatts of wind power, enough for 1.4 million homes, said the Interior Department, which manages federal offshore energy.

EEX New Participant Power Derivatives Market: Koch Supply & Trading Sàrl
Koch Supply & Trading Sàrl has additionally been admitted to trading on the Power Derivatives Market in the product Italian Financial Power Futures.

EEX New Participant Power Derivatives Market: Électricité Réseau Distribution France
EEX New Participant Power Derivatives Market: Électricité Réseau Distribution France
Nov 24, 2014 EEX New Participant
Électricité Réseau Distribution France has additionally been admitted to trading on the Power Derivatives Market in the product French Financial Power Futures.

Ofgem ploughs £46m into latest wave of green grid projects – 24 Nov 2014
By BusinessGreen staff
Ofgem has today announced the award of £46.4m to support eight projects designed to improve the efficiency, cost effectiveness, and environmental impact of the UK’s energy networks.

Clean tech

White House threatens to put brakes on alternative fuels
By Evan Halper – Los Angeles Times
As biotech masterminds and venture capitalists scramble to hatch a new generation of environmentally friendly fuels that can help power the average gasoline-burning car, they are confronting an unexpected obstacle: the White House.


California love: Water thieves just can’t get enough
Haya El Nasser – Aljazeera America
LOS ANGELES — Something rare quickly becomes valuable. So it should come as no surprise that the latest target of thieves in a state suffering a historic drought is water.
California thieves are cutting pipes and taking water from fire hydrants, storage tanks, creeks and rivers to get their hands on several hundred gallons of the precious commodity.


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