1. Is NYSE Liffe U.S. prepared to accommodate the additional volume following the migration of order flow and open interest in MSCI index-based equity futures from other exchanges? How robust is the Exchange’s technology?

NYSE Liffe U.S. already lists and trades futures on MSCI EAFE and MSCI EM Indices. Our fully electronic platform is powered by the proven, market leading LIFFE CONNECT technology, featuring high speed, sophisticated functionality and a variety of advanced connectivity solutions. LIFFE CONNECT has matched more than 4 million contracts per day in 2010 year-to-date on NYSE Liffe’s European markets.

2. Will futures based on the benchmark MSCI EAFE and MSCI Emerging Markets Indices have the same contract specifications as the ones currently trading on the CME?

The contract specifications for these products are identical to the specifications of the CME contracts. The main differences that market users will experience will center around details relating to the trading platform (a slight difference in trading hours for example) and a change in clearinghouse (more on that below). Contract specifications for the NYSE Liffe U.S. products can be found at:

3. Will any other U.S. futures exchanges list futures on the MSCI EAFE
and EM Indices after June 17, 2011?

NYSE Liffe U.S. will be the sole U.S. futures exchange for MSCI index-based futures once the remaining CME contracts expire in 2011.

4. What other futures on MSCI Indices are traded on NYSE Liffe U.S.?

Futures on MSCI USA, MSCI USA Value and MSCI USA Growth Indices are currently

More information on these products can be found at:

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