John J. Lothian & Company, Inc. is pleased to announce NYSE Liffe US has renewed its sponsorship of JLN Metals Edition.

NYSE Liffe US is pleased to continue its highly successful sponsorship of the JLN Metals Edition through 2010. The current precious metals market is extremely dynamic, so it is essential for our clients to have comprehensive, reliable information and analysis. The JLN Metals Edition provides this to them every day,” said Thomas Callahan, CEO, NYSE Liffe US.

“NYSE Liffe US’s sponsorship of JLN Metals Edition has been stimulus for innovation at John J. Lothian & Company, Inc.,” said John J. Lothian, CEO of the company.  “Their sponsorship of JLN Metals allowed us to experiment, giving us a new template that improved all our publications and introduce new ones.  The value of their support can’t be overstated.”

Note: The new sponsorship agreement with NYSE Liffe US is a semi-exclusive contract, allowing non-exchange entities to sponsor JLN Metals Edition.  For more information about sponsoring JLN ME, contact Jessica Titlebaum at

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