OCC CEO Andrej Bolkovic Provides Update on OCC’s Progress

Andrej Bolkovic Speaks to JLN at FIA EXPO 2023
John Lothian

John Lothian

Executive Chairman and CEO

OCC CEO Andrej Bolkovic, in a recent exclusive video interview with John Lothian News at FIA EXPO, shed light on several key aspects of the organization’s operations, including his first year as CEO, the current state of the Renaissance project, changes implemented to address recent regulatory issues, recently enunciated OCC values, and the future of the OIC conference.

Bolkovic took over as CEO of OCC from John Davidson on April 1, 2023. He was familiar with the organization and some of its people, having previously served on its board. He called his move to CEO a smooth transition and noted how welcoming people have been.

Regarding the Renaissance project, Bolkovic noted it has been going on for a while and is at a critical stage, as the clearing platform is built and going into integration testing. The risk platform development is underway and work should be done by the first or second quarter of 2024, Bolkovic said. Once testing and integration is complete, a second quarter of 2025 launch date is planned.

Bolkovic said the SEC allowed the OCC to build parts of the platform in the cloud and that building the platform from scratch allowed OCC to put in the security they needed.

Bolkovic addressed the recent regulatory issues OCC has faced that resulted in fines from the SEC. He said OCC has invested heavily to stay compliant, expanded some key teams and worked to minimize any disruptions. Longer term, OCC has established a goal to meet the regulatory benchmark level and to be recognized as a good corporate citizen.

Bolkovic enunciated the OCC’s core values in a recent YouTube video aimed at refreshing who OCC is and what it does. In the video he talked about what OCC aspires to be, which includes doing the right thing, owning it, learning and evolving, and celebrating who they are as a company.

Looking ahead to the future of the OIC conference, Bolkovic expressed enthusiasm and optimism, noting that last year’s conference showed growth and that this year’s conference will be in Asheville, NC, in late April 2024, with a great lineup of speakers.

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