In this edition, carbon markets stirring comment, including Carbon Plan Hurts EU Credibility as Regulator, Traders Say
and from Australia, Government may relax restrictions on cheap Kyoto emission credits. And from the solar space: Siemens Exits Solar, Desertec in Green Portfolio Setback and LDK Surges on Sale of Minority Stake to Chinese Investors.

Quote of the Day:

“It has an impact on the commission itself and its credibility as a regulator. The market hates major changes being dropped on it from on high.”

–Jeff Swartz, Geneva-based international policy director at the International Emissions Trading Association, in Bloomberg’s “Carbon Plan Hurts EU Credibility as Regulator, Traders Say”

Lead Stories

Carbon Plan Hurts EU Credibility as Regulator, Traders Say
A plan by the European Commission to prevent emitters from using some Emission Reduction Units issued after the end of this year damages the regulator’s credibility, said a lobby group representing traders.

Government may relax restrictions on cheap Kyoto emission credits
The Sydney Morning Herald
The federal government appears open to the possibility of relaxing restrictions on the number of cheap Kyoto pollution permits Australian businesses can purchase to offset their carbon emissions.

UN Green Fund Could Buy Credits From Carbon Market, CEPS Says
A suggestion by a high-level panel that the United Nations Green Climate Fund buy certain emission credits from the Clean Development Mechanism could help alleviate a supply glut, according to a research group.

China may pilot carbon tax in shipping industry
China Daily
The Ministry of Transport is considering piloting carbon trading or a carbon tax in the domestic shipping business, the Economic Information Daily reported on Monday.The ministry has researched different market measures to cut carbon emission in China’s shipping business, and either carbon trading or a carbon tax may be adopted.

U.K. May Seek to Close Aviation Carbon Conversion Loophole
The U.K. may consider seeking to close a loophole that allows buyers of European Union aviation- only carbon allowances to convert them to regular permits that can be used by factories and power stations from 2013.

Editorial: Taking the Greens Out of the Left Wing
MANY YEARS AGO, I taught a class in environmental politics at a London college. I started the class by drawing a circle on the blackboard. This, I told the students, represented industrial society. Within this circle I drew two smaller ones. One of them represented the political left, one the political right.

Q&A: Back to the Future With Environmental Bipartisanship
The New York Times
Last month a new conservation pledge , the American Eagle Compact, was propounded by the leaders of the National Audubon Society and ConservAmerica. Its purpose, like that of some earlier alliances, is to counter the political polarization that now characterizes most debates about clean air, clean water, habitats for plants and animals and, in particular, climate change.

Editorial: Brown asked to cool it on cap-and-trade
Orange County Register
A group of employer and taxpayer organizations has formally asked Gov. Jerry Brown to delay the scheduled Nov. 14 auction of greenhouse gas allowances long enough to “fix” the state’s cap-and-trade program.

Obama’s record: Environmental agenda pushes sweeping attack on air pollution
Washington Post
The day after the November 2010 elections made clear President Obama’s greenhouse-gas legislation was doomed, he vowed to keep trying to curb emissions linked to global warming. There’s more than one way of “skinning the cat,” he told reporters.

Dianne Feinstein: U.S. can’t halt progress on fuel economy
Mercury News
While economic and foreign policy issues have rightly dominated this year’s presidential contest, one area that deserves more scrutiny is where the candidates stand on a key energy security issue: vehicle fuel efficiency.

Who might lead Energy, Interior and EPA under Romney, Obama
Fuel Fix Blog (Statoil)
When voters head to the ballot box Nov. 6, they won’t just be electing a president for the next four years — they also effectively will select a whole slew of government leaders who will chart the U.S. course on energy and environmental issues.


EMA  2012 Fall Meeting
**Keynote speaker is Richard Sandor
October 24 – October 26, 2012
Santa Monica, CA


The Clinton Foundation Partners with Carbon Offsets To Alleviate Poverty (
Press Release
Carbon Offsets To Alleviate Poverty ( today announced its partnership with the William J. Clinton Foundation, adding the Clinton Development Initiative’s (CDI) Trees of Hope project in Malawi as the fourth project to its growing portfolio of certified forestry carbon projects.

Natural Gas/Coal

Group enters natural gas export debate to nudge administration
The Hill’s E2 Wire
An outside group is entering the debate on whether the Obama administration should allow natural gas exports with a call to restart the regulatory process.

Insight: Is Ohio’s “secret” energy boom going bust?
Dozens of wells drilled this year across rural Ohio are quietly pumping out the answer to the U.S. energy industry’s most loaded question: Is the Utica shale formation, touted as a potentially $500 billion frontier, a boom or a bust?


Siemens Exits Solar, Desertec in Green Portfolio Setback
Siemens AG (SIE) plans to give up its unprofitable solar-energy business after failing to turn the unit around, in a blow to the German engineering company’s effort to win more revenue from its so-called green portfolio.

LDK Surges on Sale of Minority Stake to Chinese Investors
LDK Solar Co. (LDK), the second-biggest maker of wafers that convert the sun’s energy to electricity, rose the most in almost a year after Chinese investors purchased a minority stake.  

Democrats Seek to Aid Solar With Control of Arizona Board
Arizona Democrats are vying to wrest control of the state utility board so they can expand the use of solar energy in the nation’s sunniest state.

Tidal-Turbine Maker Oceanflow in Talks on Europe, China Funding
Oceanflow Energy Ltd., a U.K. maker of turbines to generate power from tides, and adviser Turquoise International Ltd. are talking with engineering companies in Europe and utilities in China over possible investments.


Turkey Inaugurates Water Pipeline to Clean Ottomans’ Bay
Turkey inaugurated a water pipeline designed to help clean Istanbul’s fabled Golden Horn area, part of $758 million in spending to rehabilitate the waterway once plied by the Ottoman sultans.

Water Leadership Forum to Open Tomorrow in Southern California
A two-day water leadership forum on the challenges that industries face in a more water-stressed world opens tomorrow in San Diego, attracting policy-makers and executives from the energy, fracking and power sector.


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