In this edition, not a lot of details so far, but news out of Bloomberg that NYSE Euronext to Shut Carbon Market After Failed Auction Bid. And, a comprehensive review underway for RGGI, covered here in Toward a Tougher Cap and Trade Program from The New York Times. Meanwhile, more coverage of international carbon dealings as Korea Southern Said to Seek Stake in U.K. Carbon Project.

Quote of the Day:

“We are not moving as fast as we need to, and this is an issue that future generations, MTV viewers, are going to have to be dealing with, even more than the older generation is. And so this is a critical issue. And there is a huge contrast in this campaign between myself and Governor Romney. I am surprised it didn’t come up in one of the debates.”

–President Obama in a MTV interview covered by The Hill’s E2 Wire.

Lead Stories

NYSE Euronext to Shut Carbon Market After Failed Auction Bid
NYSE Euronext (NYX) and France’s Caisse des Depots et Consignations will close Bluenext SA, their joint carbon exchange in Paris, on Dec. 5 after the bourse failed to win a bid to run European Union permit auctions from next year.

Toward a Tougher Cap and Trade Program
The New York Times
The multistate carbon trading system known as the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative is undergoing its first comprehensive review since it was first put into effect in 2009.
**RKB – Stakeholder Meeting Nov. 20. Pre-meeting materials on RGGI site.

An inside look at California’s cap-and-trade program
Business Green
California is gearing up to set in motion cap-and-trade, its market-based program for curbing greenhouse gas emissions, with the state’s first auction for carbon allowances next month.
**RKB — Stick with this one. Once past the “What is This Program?” portion. Dave Clegern, a spokesman at the California Air Resources Board, details what companies need to know about how the new carbon market will be implemented.

Airlines See Passage of U.S. Measure Opposing EU Emissions Rule
The airline industry expects Congress to enact, and President Barack Obama to sign, legislation authorizing the U.S. to prohibit airlines from complying with European Union emissions regulations, an industry lobbyist said.

Obama ‘surprised’ climate didn’t surface at the presidential debates
The Hill’s E2 Wire
President Obama said Friday that he presents a “huge contrast” with Mitt Romney on climate change, and noted he is “surprised” the topic didn’t surface in three debates with the GOP nominee.
*RKB – Then bring it up, Mr. President. True, most moderators never got to the end of their list of questions, where the climate issue languished.

Solar Energy Is Ready. The U.S. Isn’t
Clean energy has become a dirty word in presidential politics. In their second debate, Mitt Romney and Barack Obama each tried to outdo the other’s love of fossil fuels: Obama extolling his record on oil and natural gas production, Romney vowing to take “advantage of the oil and coal we have here.” The Republican candidate has ridiculed the administration’s $535 million loan guarantee to Solyndra, the bankrupt California-based solar panel maker, and accused Obama of living “in an imaginary world where government-subsidized windmills and solar panels could power the economy.”

Scientists cast doubt on shale gas’ low carbon credentials
Business Green
Shale gas has helped the US burn less polluting coal, but any emissions savings are being wiped out by exporting the fuel overseas, researchers at the University of Manchester will say today.

Bluewash: Many in the government want to abandon greenery. Too bad
The Economist
OWEN PATERSON, the coalition government’s new environment secretary, has some solid qualifications for the job. He is knowledgeable about farming, an informed critic of the EU’s awful fisheries policy and is ready, as needs must, to cull consumptive badgers—despite having kept a couple of brocks as pets. Yet Mr Paterson is also a climate-change sceptic, agnostic about the extent to which global warming is man-made. This makes him an odd hire for the “greenest government ever”, as David Cameron promised his would be.

UK energy investment hits 20-year high
Business Green
Investment in the UK’s energy sector is currently running at a 20-year high with over 43bn sterling invested by energy companies over the past four years, according to a major new industry-backed report.

Optimising returns from investment in natural capital
Farmer Guardian
THE capital of an arable business is typically defined in financial terms. But now scientists are looking at ways of helping farmers make the most of their land’s ‘natural capital’ to achieve economic and environmental benefits.


IETA Carbon Forum Asia
October 30-October 31, 2012
Bangkok, Thailand


Korea Southern Said to Seek Stake in U.K. Carbon Project
Korea Southern Power Co., a unit of the nation’s monopoly power distributor, is in talks to buy a stake in a British carbon-capture project that may cost 5 billion pounds ($8 billion) to develop, people familiar with the discussions said.

Australian carbon emissions defy power fade to post increase
The Age
Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions rose 0.4 per cent in the 12 months to June, data showed Friday, amid increased deforestation and higher emissions from agriculture and aviation.

Natural Gas/Coal

Whitehaven Warns Earnings May Weaken on Coal Prices
The Wall Street Journal
Whitehaven Coal Ltd. WHC.AU -0.82% risks a sharp fall in profits this year amid sustained weakness in world coal markets, with the Australian company saying Friday that its full-year earnings have the potential to come in at less than a third of market expectations.

China’s Auction of Shale-Gas Blocks Garners Significant Interest
The Wall Street Journal
China’s Ministry of Land and Resources said Thursday that it received 152 bids from 83 companies in its second auction of shale-gas blocks, indicating strong interest in the unconventional resource despite high development costs and a lack of technology.  

Insight – How the Petronas deal fell victim to Canada’s China fears
Malaysian state-owned oil company Petronas was so confident last Friday that its purchase of Progress Energy Resources Corp would be approved by Canada that company officials had drafted a press release to announce the news.

Russia, China to hold next round of gas supply talks by end-Oct
Moscow and Beijing are to hold the next round of talks on Russian gas supplies to China by the end of October, Russian deputy energy minister Anatoli Yanovsky said Thursday on the sidelines of the 7th International Energy Week in Moscow.

Drax raises 190m sterling for eco conversion
Financial Times
Drax, the owner of the UK’s biggest coal-fired power station, has raised 190m sterling in a share placing in its latest effort to transform itself into one of Europe’s biggest renewable energy plants.


Poland Renewables Bill to Forge New Solar Market as EU Cuts Back
Poland is set to approve renewable- energy laws that may spur a 100-fold increase in solar-power capacity next year, just as the rest of Europe scales back.

Morocco pushes solar master plan with beefed up Desertec partnership
Business Green
The Moroccan government has this week signed a new memorandum of understanding with the Desertec Foundation, strengthening plans to build a series of solar farms in the North African country capable of transmitting power to Europe.


Talk of a Wind Subsidy ‘Phaseout’
The New York Times
The wind industry, fighting to hold onto a generous tax credit set to expire in December, has been arguing that it does not need the support forever – just a little while longer, until it can compete with fossil fuels on its own.

Renewable energy target discussion paper released
Press Release
The Climate Change Authority’s RET discussion paper was released on Friday. While the CCA recommends the target remains unchanged, not all the recommendations are good news for the home solar power sector.

Wind energy producers holding off on new projects
Iowa Press Citizen
Iowa’s wind energy producers and manufacturers are scrambling to finance new projects in the next two months because they don’t know if the Federal Renewable Electricity Production Tax Credit they rely on heavily will be available after then.


Harried cleantech sector seeks turning point in SolarCity IPO
The last thing the downtrodden cleantech industry needs is another startup going up in flames, so it has a lot riding on the initial public offering of SolarCity.


Peru May Invest About $5.2 Billion in Water, Wastewater Projects
Peru is aiming to improve access to potable water in cities including Lima and rural areas with about $5.2 billion of projects and investments over the 2010-2016 period, the state news agency Andina said.

Gillard risks fight with states in bid to make rivers run
The Age
THE Gillard government faces a fresh brawl with the eastern states over its Murray-Darling Basin plan after yesterday placating South Australia with a $1.7 billion pledge to inject extra water into the ailing river system.


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