The managed futures space is always producing new managers with new takes on the market. County Cork LLC, a managed futures firm, is looking to bring experience to its clients with traders in the agriculture and equity markets who’ve seen it all. John Lothian News sat down with Mark de Souza, president of County Cork to talk about what sets the firm apart from other funds at the Emerging Manager Forum in Miami in December.

“The uniqueness of what County Cork has brought to the marketplace in terms of those discretionary programs is our managers don’t come from trading backgrounds,” de Souza said. “The come from production backgrounds, hedging backgrounds. They are true industry experts whether its in production, supply chain management, even procurement. They bring a real understanding of supply and demand.”

The firm was founded by former RJ O’Brien president Robert O’Brien Jr.  in 2002. The firm offers six managed futures programs and products including: 2K Equities Program, Equities Program, AG L/S Program, RLA I Product, B&B Product and B&R Product.

Beyond that, County Cork has also invested in the quantitative market making space.

“We’ve created two equity trading programs, completely automated … that allow us a real stable risk/return profile to the equity class of managed futures,” de Souza said.

Today, de Souza said that managed futures still has a compelling story to sell to investors, especially its non-correlation to the equity markets, which reached new highs in 2013 with the Dow topping 16,000 and the S&P passing 18,000.

“One of the statistics we pride ourselves on is that it’s negatively correlated to the equity market,” de Souza said. “And if there was ever a reason to use managed futures as a hedge, it is the perfect tool for that.”

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