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Open Outcry Traders History Project Announced by John Lothian | John Lothian News

Open Outcry Traders History Project Announced by John Lothian

Large Scale Video Project Seeks to Capture the History of Open Outcry Traders and Era

John Lothian

John Lothian

Executive Chairman

John J. Lothian & Company, Inc., MarketsWiki Education and John Lothian Productions are pleased to announce plans for a large scale video project to collect the history of the open outcry era and traders’ personal stories. Additionally, John Lothian Productions plans to develop  video documentaries about specific themes and subjects emerging from the collected personal histories.

The goal is to capture the stories of traders from an era that is increasingly becoming part of history before these accounts are lost forever. Open outcry trading was a form of commerce that was central to price discovery and risk transfer in the equities and derivatives markets for decades and even centuries, and its last participants are rapidly disappearing.

The project is modeled on the Veterans History Project signed into law by President Bill Clinton in the 1990s. In this case, rather than capturing the experiences of veterans of warfare and conflict, we are capturing the personal market experiences of those who participated in open outcry markets around the world. Traders from Chicago to London to Paris to Sydney to Singapore and beyond are welcome to submit videos.

Futures, equities and options traders who were part of the open outcry trading floors are welcome to participate in this project. Videos may be shot with a cellphone or video cameras and submitted, or John Lothian Productions will shoot interviews in its Chicago offices and other venues. We will make time slots available frequently for traders to sign up and sit for the interviews.

John Lothian Productions, the custom video arm of John J. Lothian & Company, Inc., will collect and present these videos on the www.marketswikieducation.com website.

We have developed a list of questions for traders to address during their videos as well as a list of pointers for how to shoot a good video and record quality sound on a cellphone. These lists will be shared with traders signing up for the project.

Those traders interested are asked to fill out this Google Form or email us at OpenOutcry@johnlothian.com for more information.

Doug Ashburn, former CME currency options trader and former John Lothian News editor, shares his experience as a trader in the open outcry trading pits.

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