Options Discovery Episode 20: Intro to Options and Earnings; Etoro Equity and Derivatives Investment Analyst, Callie Cox, Breaks Down Options and Earnings With Jln’s Alex Teng

In this episode of Options Discovery, Asma Awass introduces equity option price behavior around earnings announcements. Alex Teng dives deeper into this topic with Callie Cox, a seasoned investment analyst and content creator from the “social-based” brokerage firm eToro. Callie discusses her background in options, indicators to look at when close to earnings announcements, how implied volatility comes into play, hedging with options before an earnings announcement, and more. You can learn more about eToro here: https://www.etoro.com/en-us/



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Asma Awass

I am a Finance and Business Analytics student at UIC. I am an active member of my university’s boxing club and I also enjoy the creative arts.

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