Options Discovery Episode 25: The Science Behind Selecting a Strike; Jermal Chandler, Host of “Engineering The Trade,” Discusses Options Strike Price Selection and More With JLN’s Asma Awass.

In this episode of Options Discovery, Asma Awass discusses a vital component of an options contract: the strike price. This episode includes a breakdown of what a strike price is, its value in the contract, how a trader might go about selecting a strike price, and more! Asma then sits down with Jermal Chandler, a seasoned options trader and the host of “Engineering The Trade” on tastylive, and he shares more insight on strike price selection. You can view “Engineering The Trade” here: https://www.tastylive.com/shows/engineering-the-trade



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Asma Awass

I am a Finance and Business Analytics student at UIC. I am an active member of my university’s boxing club and I also enjoy the creative arts.

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