Options Discovery Episode 5: Alex Explains Options Volatility; interview with VIX developer Bob Whaley

In episode 5 of Options Discovery, Alex Teng discusses options volatility, beginning with the basics of what is volatility? He talks about how to calculate historical volatility with a set period of historical data using excel or a spreadsheet calculator. He also explains the relationship between historical volatility and implied volatility, and interviews Professor Bob Whaley, who is the director of financial markets research at Vanderbilt University. Whaley is also well known for his work developing some of the most widely used volatility indexes, such as the CBOE VIX and the VXN.


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John’s Take: Why I hate Chuck Mackie and Thoughts on FTX’s CFTC Request

John’s Take: Why I hate Chuck Mackie and Thoughts on FTX’s CFTC Request

I have a love/hate relationship with Chuck Mackie. I love him because he is a great guy, good citizen and cheerful practitioner of solving the world’s problems with market based solutions. I hate him because he really knows how to make me work, and work hard. Don’t worry, there are others on this list too (Hello Barbara).

On Thursday Chuck emailed me and asked when I was going to write a comment letter for the FTX request to the CFTC for LedgerX LLC, doing business as FTX US Derivatives, “to amend its order of registration as a DCO to allow it to modify its existing non-intermediated model.”

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Options Discovery

Options Discovery

Today John Lothian News is kicking off a new segment of The Spread called Options Discovery, hosted by Alex Teng.  In this series viewers will learn the ins and outs of options along with Alex. He will take viewers through a wide variety of topics in the options industry, aided by interviews with experts and his own research.

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