The post-trade clearing space is full of new entrants and innovation from incumbents. Firms are looking at everything from collateral management to new back office systems to finding new efficiencies to real-time reporting with current back office systems.

John Lothian News spoke with six professionals at the FIA IDX 2017 conference in London earlier this month about the key problem they see in the post-trade space today. We followed it up with their solutions to that problem. JLN spoke with Clive Furness, managing director, Contango Markets, Collin Platt, co-founder, Dpactum, Jaki Walsh, chief product officer, Sernova, John Avery, director, client & industry engagement, derivatives utility, FIS, Nachi Muthu, global head of derivatives, Broadridge and Patrick Tessier, COO, Cinnober.

See what they had to say about the key challenge for the financial industry in post-trade services today.

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