John Lothian Profiles: Lee Stern

John Lothian

John Lothian

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John Lothian Profiles: Lee Stern

JLN Staff

Lee Stern has seen it all in his career – the highs of great markets and the lows of market scandal. After completing his military service in 1947, Stern enrolled in Roosevelt College and then found his way to the Chicago Board of Trade after answering an ad for a runner on the floor. From there, he began what has been a 65-year career as a trader, broker and member at the CBOT. Stern recalls the thrill of making his first spread trade and the low point in 1992, when a customer schemed to manipulate the bond market and lost $9 million. That event led to a brief suspension and its eventual exit as a clearing member firm.

And if trading was his first love, his second is certainly professional sports – as the founder and owner of the Chicago Sting soccer team in 1974 and then as a part owner of the Chicago White Sox in 1976. John Lothian News presents the story of a career that has spanned more than six decades – and counting.

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