Reflections on Bart Chilton

Remembrances of the life of Bart Chilton from friends and colleagues

John Lothian

John Lothian

Executive Chairman

I am very saddened to learn about the passing away of Bart Chilton. I had the privilege of working with Bart while he was Commissioner and I was a division director at the CFTC. Bart was very dedicated to his responsibilities. My heartfelt condolences to his family. ~Ananda Radhakrishnan, Vice President, Center for Bank Derivatives Policy. at American Bankers Association

Our industry mourns the unexpected passing of a former colleague, Bart Chilton, who served with me at the CFTC. Bart was a colorful friend that lived life to the fullest with determination, humor and passion for everything he did in life. We extend our sincere condolences to his wife and family.~ Walt Lukken, FIA President & CEO

I had the pleasure to serve with Bart Chilton at the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission. He had an uncanny ability to make a complex subject like #derivatives accessible to so many people. He will be missed. His family are in our thoughts and prayers. ~Mark Wetjen, Managing Director, DTCC.

I first came to know Bart Chilton while working on the 2002 Farm Bill. We were of different political parties and different negotiating teams but I was always struck by his strategic acumen. I will miss the passion he brought to each and every conversation during our 15+ year friendship, including his encouragement on my own career journey to the CFTC.~CFTC Commissioner Dawn Stump

This is very sad news. Bart was a passionate defender of the little guy and he always fought to level the playing field. He was a risk taker and wasn’t constrained by Washington DC convention in his approach to policy. Bart was both authentic and genuine in his approach to politics and his personal relationships. I will miss him dearly.~Scott O’Malia, CEO – ISDA

On behalf of CME Group, I want to extend our most heartfelt condolences to former CFTC Commissioner, Bart Chilton. In his role at the CFTC, Bart was an enthusiastic advocate for the futures industry where he made many significant contributions during his tenure. Beyond that, he was a friend and colleague who will be missed greatly.~Terry Duffy, Executive Chairman & CEO – CME Group

Like so many who had the good fortune to have known Bart, I’m shocked that he has been taken away from us. It was always inspiring to be in his company. He was relentlessly energetic and infectiously positive about life, in a way that really stood out. Bart also punctured the often self-regarding pomposity of Washington, DC – whether it be by infusing his official speeches with rock and roll references, or through his appearance (the cowboy boots – that hair!). In short, he humanized his job – and us, a little more, along the way. That was his gift. Thanks, dude. You’ll be much missed. He will be sorely missed. ~Jeremy Grant, Director; International Editor, Strategy+Business at PwC

Bart was a colorful character who brought an interesting perspective to our industry. I still remember the first time I met him in his office and noticed that the bottom of his cowboy boots were pristine. I was then informed he had indoor boots and outdoor boots. Very sad to lose him way to soon. Rest In Peace Bart.~Mike Dawley, Retired Goldman Sachs

I am deeply saddened and shocked by Bart Chilton’s untimely passing. He was a good friend and big supporter of both the Chicago Climate Exchange and the American Financial Exchange. He was a one-of-a-kind leader in the futures industry. Our condolences go out to his loved ones.~Richard Sandor, AFEX

Bart and I started off on two totally different sides of the table while he was the CFTC commissioner and I was a member of the board of Nymex we often went head-to-head. But he always handled the differences with respect and with an open mind I remember once reading one of his speeches and realizing like me he was a Star Trek fan and a sci-fi fan which became our common thread over the years. He was kind enough to give me an outstanding recommendation to actually take a seat as commissioner of the CFTC and that was one of the biggest honors he could’ve bestowed on me. He often spoke about his family, the love he had for them and the times he spent enjoying them. I was slotted to be on his show this week and they called me to tell me he wasn’t feeling well and he had to cancel he worked until the very end and he truly loved what he did and he love this country and making a difference in peoples lives I will always remember him fondly and he will be missed~David D Greenberg, Founder – Greenberg Capital LLC

I really don’t have one favorite memory of Bart but many positive memories. As many, I new Bart long before he came to the CFTC. I will miss his very bright, creative sense of humor. He had a deep understanding of agriculture from which the Commission benefited. His family are in our thoughts and prayers.~Jim Newsome, Delta Strategies, former CFTC Chairman

While in law school in Washington DC, I had an incredible opportunity to work for Bart at the CFTC. It was soon after the passage of Dodd-Frank and at the pinnacle of swaps regulatory reform. Bart was always upbeat, energetic, and ready to tackle the pressing issues of the day – whether it was diving into an important rulemaking or an independent project or cause that he championed. He encouraged and implemented an “open-door” policy for market participants, trade groups, and others to have an audience and voice their support, concerns, and frustrations with the Commission’s agenda. No market participant was too small to have a meeting and share their views. He had a way of instilling confidence built on his immediate delivery of feedback and encouragement. For these and many other reasons Bart will be missed dearly. Did he leave a lasting impression on the Commission, derivatives markets, and those fortunate enough to have known him? That’s a clown question, Bro.~Ryan P. Hayden, Chief Compliance Officer, Senior Legal Counsel – E D & F Man Derivative Products Inc.

“All of us here at the CFTC are deeply saddened to hear of the passing of former Commissioner Bart Chilton. With his trademark flair and enthusiasm, Bart was an unceasing advocate for America’s farmers and ranchers, acting as their voice in Washington. In the aftermath of the financial crisis, Bart used his signature style of humor to draw attention to pressing issues for the agency and the markets at large, with the intent of protecting retail investors. With his passing, the commodities world has certainly lost a bit of its sparkle.”~Chris Giancarlo, CFTC Chairman

NFA is deeply saddened by the passing of former CFTC Commissioner Bart Chilton. Bart was always a pleasure to work with and a tremendous supporter of self-regulation and NFA. He was a relentless advocate for investor protection which he demonstrated by authoring his investment fraud book, Ponzimonium. Those of us who were fortunate enough to work with Bart will always remember his limitless energy, strong leadership, and genuine thoughtfulness. His creativity, humor and ability to make others laugh will be missed.~Tom Sexton, NFA CEO

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