“You don’t need 20 years in an industry to have vision.  Some of the best ideas come from a unique vantage point.  Your vantage point… it’s not jaded.  You don’t know how futures technology may be used.  You may look at it from a fresh alternative.”

The first step down an unknown path takes guts.  But if you’ve calculated your risks, you have a chance for outsized rewards.  For Rick Tomsic, CEO of Tradovate, that step meant leaving an established position in a managerial program for an eat what you can kill broker gig.  A step further down the road and Tomsic occupied a 12 foot by 12 foot office in a house sporting a gigantic satellite on its roof, sweating buckets due to the large monitors while working his 10 phone lines.  But it was what he needed to do to fulfill his eventual goal of building trading technology.  In this video, Tomsic imparts the need to maintain your drive by both having fun and maintaining your vision.  

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