How do you differentiate yourself in today’s hyper-competitive job market where front office roles at Goldman Sachs get tens of thousands of applications?

Twenty years ago, Robert Russell, head of business development with Divento Financials, was working as a financial advisor but wanted to become a trader. One day at work, his boss wanted to know more about him and why he wanted to become a trader.

“I told him my name, my age — he fell asleep. He had two photos on his desk, one of his daughter wearing a tennis uniform and one of his son wearing a martial arts uniform. So I told him that while I was traveling I had subsidized my income teaching tennis and martial arts. He woke up and said, ‘You’re lying to me, you start on Monday.’ The world has changed since I started trading.”

These days once your foot is in the industry door, the job will level the playing field. But the terrain outside the door is rocky indeed and the way to get a leg up in the UK is through apprenticeships and employer-led training. In this video, Russell guides us through some of these new initiatives.



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