In today’s edition: Bloomberg and Reuters’ takes on Norway’s next step in CO2 compensation plan. Plus, the AP weighs in with Europe mulls suspending airline emissions charge.

Quote of the Day:

“The carbon market is profoundly weak, and the CDM has essentially collapsed. It’s extremely worrying that governments are not taking this seriously.”

–Joan MacNaugthton, former top UK civil servant and vice chair of UN CDM Panel, in Guardian’s “Global carbon trading system has ‘essentially collapsed’”

Lead Stories

UN panel warns of climate credit market collapse
A U.N.-appointed expert panel says international efforts to encourage investment in green technologies could collapse if countries don’t boost the market for ‘climate credits.’

Global carbon trading system has ‘essentially collapsed’
The world’s only global system of carbon trading, designed to give poor countries access to new green technologies, has “essentially collapsed”, jeopardising future flows of finance to the developing world.

Could businesses rescue the UN’s carbon offset scheme?
Business Green
Businesses must lead calls for governments to adopt more ambitious national carbon emission reduction targets, according to an overview board appointed to address the crisis afflicting the UN’s flagship carbon offsetting scheme.

Norway to Establish CO2 Compensation Plan for Industry
Norway will establish a program to compensate industry for carbon-dioxide emissions to prevent businesses from moving production abroad.

Europe mulls suspending airline emissions charge
European officials signaled Tuesday that they may recommend the suspension of the continent’s carbon emission fees for airlines to avert a trade war with major economic powers such as China and the United States, allowing time to forge a global agreement on climate charges for the aviation industry.

President of Royal Dutch Shell Canadian division urges carbon price
The Globe and Mail
A senior oil executive is urging federal and provincial governments to put a significant price on carbon dioxide to encourage the industry to reduce emissions even as it increases production and accesses new and growing markets.

EPA official: GOP bill would ‘cripple’ global climate efforts
The Hill’s E2 Wire
An Environmental Protection Agency official said during a Tuesday hearing that a House Republican-sponsored bill would “cripple” the agency’s ability to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Red tape may strangle Italy’s energy drive
Italy’s plans to double domestic production of oil and gas to slash its energy bill and boost economic growth face stiff headwinds from the kind of chronic red-tape that has left one major project paralysed by 11 years of paper shuffling.

Extreme weather forces climate change up the corporate agenda
Business Green
Climate change remains a top priority for senior executives at many of the world’s largest businesses, as growing numbers attempt to develop strategies for managing direct climate change impacts.

CDP Global 500 Climate Change Report
Carbon Disclosure Project

Suez Starts ‘Social’ Water Rates in Northern French City
Suez Environnement (SEV), the second- biggest waste and water utility, will begin charging residents of the northern French city of Dunkirk variable water rates that depend on income, size of household and usage.

Chrysalix Backs ’Game Changer’ Axine Water Technologies
Chrysalix Energy Venture Capital, a Vancouver-based clean-tech investor, said it’s helping fund Axine Water Technologies, a Canadian company that’s developed new treatments for toxic organic pollutants in wastewater.

Romanian Utility Seeking Bids for Water System Upgrades
Apa Oltenia SA, a water utility in southern Romania, is seeking bids to upgrade water and sewage systems for about 84 million lei ($24 million), a European Union procurement document showed.


GreenGov Symposium
ACCO & White House Council on Environmental Quality
September 24-25, 2012

Carbon Forum North America
October 1-2, 2012
Washington, DC

Sustainability Summit – Innovation Challenge
October 9, 2012
New York

EMA  2012 Fall Meeting
**Keynote speaker is Richard Sandor
October 24 – October 26, 2012
Santa Monica, CA


Airbus ministers seek delay to EU emission trade scheme
Aerospace officials of the European countries where Airbus makes its planes will push for a delay to the start of the European Union’s Emission Trading System to avert retaliation from China, officials said on Tuesday.

Norway follows EU with CO2 compensation scheme
Norway followed the European Union on Tuesday with a $90 million scheme to encourage energy-intensive industries to stay in the country, a move analysts said highlighted weaknesses in Europe’s flagging carbon market.

S&P Report Explains Treatment Of Aust’s Carbon Tax Payments
Under Australia’s carbon tax assistance measures, eligible electricity companies will receive compensation for them to transition to a carbon permit trading environment. But these measures are transitional and nonrecurring in nature, Standard & Poor’s Ratings Services said in a report published today titled, “How Standard & Poor’s Treats The Carbon Tax Compensation For Australia’s Electricity Sector”.

Rate rises as carbon too risky for council
Herald Sun
RATEPAYERS across the state face higher rates or landfill fees because NSW councils will not be allowed to trade carbon credits. The ban relates to a barrier imposed during the global financial crisis to prevent councils losing money in complex financial investments.

Natural Gas/Coal

Davey takes aim at shale gas lobby with defence of Energy Bill
Business Green
Energy and climate change secretary Ed Davey has challenged a series of “myths” attached to the government’s Energy Bill, arguing the controversial reforms are not a disguised nuclear subsidy and have not been made unnecessary by the discovery of European shale gas deposits.


Loan Foe Ryan Sought Riskier Practices on Electric-Car Aid
Republican vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan pressed the U.S. Department of Energy in 2008 to write rules for electric-car loans that could have risked almost as much federal money as was lost when Solyndra LLC went bankrupt.

The Growing Might of Solar Power
The New York Times
From California to New Jersey, the summer sun was hot this year — and so was the solar industry. While the business of solar energy is still small enough and young enough to record firsts at the fearsome pace of a toddler, the milestones are getting more substantial.


Clock ticking for crucial US wind energy tax break
Business Green
A loose coalition of green NGOs and renewables industry groups will this week step up its campaign for Congress to extend the production tax credit (PTC) available to wind farm developers before it lapses at the end of this year.


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