In this issue, Bloomberg’s quick take on a rather technical, and scary, report: U.S. ’Collision Course’ Looms Over Water, Energy. More on the article and the report in our Leads section. From Washington, The Hill’s E2 Wire reports: Dem senator: Carbon tax ‘inevitable’. And, follow-up coverage of new rules in Reuters’ U.S. coal industry braces for EPA emissions crackdown.

Quote of the Day:

“I think that ultimately a fee on carbon pollution is inevitable, and the purpose of that amendment was to begin a discussion on that and begin the discussion about when that happens, what the best way to use the proceeds of the fee are, so from that point of view, I didn’t view it as binding anybody on a carbon fee, but I did view it as an assessment of the best way of using carbon fee proceeds.”

–U.S. Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.) in The Hill’s “Dem senator: Carbon tax ‘inevitable’”

Lead Stories

U.S. ’Collision Course’ Looms Over Water, Energy: Report
The U.S. would be wise to adopt more aggressive measures to avert water and energy shortages as population and power consumption rise, according to a report.

Civil Society Institute
Water Constraints on Energy Production: Altering our Current Collision Course

COLUMN-Australia is another nail in cap and trade: Wynn
Australia’s proposal to ditch cap and trade market in favour of a weakened scheme follows reduced or abandoned carbon markets in Europe and the United States and does not bode well for planned schemes around the world.

Dem senator: Carbon tax ‘inevitable’
The Hill’s E2 Wire
Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.) wants a tax on carbon emissions, but he’s backing up Sen. Mark Begich’s (D-Alaska) claim that the Alaska Democrat didn’t vote for the concept in March.

California Lawmakers Back Bill That Would Lower Energy Prices
The Wall Street Journal
California lawmakers took a major step Thursday toward lowering the state’s high electricity prices—and set the stage for a big battle over incentives that have turned the state into the biggest market for residential-rooftop solar power.

U.S. coal industry braces for EPA emissions crackdown
The Environmental Protection Agency is due to unveil next week the first batch of regulations under President Barack Obama’s new climate action plan – a carbon emissions-rate standard for new fossil fuel power plants.


EMA’s 17th Annual Meeting
September 25-27
Las Vegas, Nevada

Climate Strategies Forum
Association of Climate Change Officers
October 14-17
Washington, D.C.

Verge: Where Tech Meets Sustainability
October 14-17
San Francisco, California

FT Global Shale Energy Summit
October 21

Solar Power International
October 21-24

Climate Leadership Conference
Association of Climate Change Officers
February 24-26, 2014
San Diego, CA


Shorten lauds carbon price in run speech
Climate Spectator/AAP
Bill Shorten has declared carbon pricing as a key achievement of the last Labor government in a speech announcing his intention to run for the party’s leadership.

Merkel warns EU against tough CO2 targets for carmakers
German Chancellor Angela Merkel, facing elections in less than two weeks, warned the European Union on Thursday against imposing tough environmental targets on German luxury carmakers, saying they could harm innovation and economic growth.

U.S. offers fuel economy, emissions labels for used cars
U.S. car dealers and private sellers may now post window labels on used vehicles that show gas mileage and climate-warming carbon dioxide emissions under a federal government program to help buyers pick out more fuel-efficient second-hand vehicles.

Poland to lower emissions with technology, not coal cuts: PM
Poland will reduce its carbon emissions through new technologies rather than by cutting output of polluting coal, Prime Minister Donald Tusk said on Tuesday.

BMW recognised as climate change champion
Luxury carmaker BMW and four other large auto companies have been named climate change champions in one of the most closely watched rankings of how businesses are tackling their greenhouse gas emissions.

Natural Gas/Coal

Hoeven demands that the Senate take a position on Keystone pipeline
The Hill’s E2 Wire
Sen. John Hoeven (R-N.D.) pushed his amendment to an energy efficiency bill Thursday that would force the Senate to take a position on the Keystone XL pipeline.

U.S. to Pass Russia in Liquid Fuels Production, Says IEA
The Wall Street Journal
A top energy watchdog forecast the U.S. will bypass Russia in the production of liquid fuels—everything from crude and gasoline to biofuels like ethanol—solidifying America’s growing importance in global energy markets.


Japan Quarterly Domestic Solar Shipments Rise Almost Four Times
Japan’s domestic shipments of solar cells and modules surged almost four times in the fiscal first quarter, the Japan Photovoltaic Energy Association said.

GE Closes In on Algeria Power Sale
The Wall Street Journal
General Electric Co. is close to securing a nearly $2 billion sale to Algeria of turbines for six power plants, according to people familiar with the matter, a major contract win for the conglomerate’s crucial but struggling power-turbine business.

COLUMN-Texas shows transmission benefit for wind power: Wynn
Texas wind farms are benefiting from transmission upgrades in the western half of the state, in a lesson for Europe where a rapid rollout of variable renewables has raced ahead of supporting infrastructure.


Beijing Enterprises Water to Buy Water, Sewage Projects in China
Beijing Enterprises Water Group Ltd. (371) will pay 955 million yuan ($156 million) to buy nine water and sewage treatment projects in China from Malaysia’s Salcon Bhd. (SALC) to add total design capacity of 1.25 million tons a day.


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World Bank

Four energy policies can keep the 2 Degree C climate goal alive (Posted June 10, 2013)

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