In this edition: Investment in the spotlight with EEX’s aim for green power trading futures. The WWF issues a sustainable commodities investing guide. And in politics, conservatives urge House Speaker to nix wind tax credit.
Business Green reports U.S. House approves GOP bill to revoke environmental standards.


Quote of the Day:

“At some point, [power companies] have to accommodate the world that is changing around them.”

–Sanjay Narayan, a lawyer with the Sierra Club, in The Wall Street Journal’s “Campaigns Spar Over Coal’s Future.”

Lead Stories

EEX wants futures contracts for green power trading
The European Energy Exchange (EEX) said on Monday it aims to introduce futures contracts to allow investors to trade wind, hydroelectric and solar-derived power in Europe.  
**RKB – Also reported, the volume of traditional EEX power futures trading has suffered because the boom in new renewable power capacity is hurting revenues of thermal power stations and discourages cross-asset trading.

WWF unveils guide to sustainable commodities investing
Business Green
Banks, financiers, and analysts are being encouraged to promote the long term sustainability of 10 “high priority” global commodity sectors by a new WWF guide to responsible investing.

EU expects global aviation deal by November 2013
An international accord to regulate airline emissions may be agreed under the International Civil Aviation Organisation (Icao) by November next year, EU chief climate negotiator Artur Runge-Metzger told Argus.

Constraining world trade is unlikely to help the climate, study says
From rubber dinghies to television sets: the emissions of greenhouse gases in countries like China are to a significant extent caused by the production of goods that are exported to Germany or the United States. But this doesn’t necessarily mean that Western countries have relocated their emission-intensive industries and hence escape regulation for climate protection. This is shown in a study appearing in Nature Climate Change this week.

Brazil Expects $235 Billion in Renewable Energy During Decade
Brazil will see $235 billion of investments in renewable-energy and biofuel projects during the next ten years, Edison Lobao, the country’s mines and energy minister, said today at a United Nations event on sustainable energy in New York.

Sorry, Critics – Solar Is Not a Rip-Off
Renewable Energy blog
On September 21, the LA Times ran a story about large-scale solar projects titled, “Taxpayers, ratepayers will fund California solar plants,” with the subhead: A new breed of prospectors — banks, insurers, utility companies — are receiving billions in subsidies while taxpayer and ratepayers are paying most of the costs. Critics say it’s a rip-off.                        
**RKB – Contributor is Joe Desmond, SVP of Government Affairs and Communications, BrightSource Energy                                          

First Saudi Arabia Utility-Scale Clean Energy Plant to be Built in Mecca        
Mecca, which hosts millions of pilgrims a year visiting Islam’s most holy shrine, is working toward becoming the first city in Saudi Arabia to operate a utility-scale plant generating electricity from renewables.                    

Conservatives urge House Speaker to nix wind tax credit
Forty-seven Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives are pushing Speaker John Boehner to eliminate the wind production tax credit, a tax break that has split Republicans and drawn criticism from presidential hopeful Mitt Romney.

House approves GOP bill to revoke environmental standards
Business Green
Green groups have decried a bill approved by the House of Representatives on Friday to remove swathes of regulation on the coal industry as putting “all Americans at risk from dangerous air pollution”.

Analysis: Mining, energy at risk as people power swamps Chile
Chile is failing to take a firm hand in regulating its mining and energy industries, leaving billions of dollars’ worth of projects exposed to the risk of lawsuits by local communities in the world’s No. 1 copper producer.  


GreenGov Symposium
ACCO & White House Council on Environmental Quality
September 24-25, 2012

Carbon Forum North America
October 1-2, 2012
Washington, DC

Sustainability Summit – Innovation Challenge
October 9, 2012
New York

EMA  2012 Fall Meeting
**Keynote speaker is Richard Sandor
October 24 – October 26, 2012
Santa Monica, CA


Burden from carbon tax will be minimal on India: EU
Live Mint/Wall Street Journal
The financial burden on India on account of the European Union’s (EU) proposed carbon tax on airlines will be minimal when compared with the overall levy, a EU official said, as the local government steps up pressure against the plan.

Woodlands program lets forests earn funds while helping the environment
Pittsburgh Post Gazette
Lock Haven has enrolled a 5,200-acre parcel of its forested watershed in a fledgling Nature Conservancy program that provides landowners with sustainable forestry certification and revenue from carbon offset markets.

Lib Dems: Green Investment Bank must borrow immediately
Business Green
Liberal Democrats have today adopted motions to decarbonise the energy sector by 2030 and allow the Green Investment Bank (GIB) to borrow immediately as official party policies.

New material boost for carbon capture
Researchers have created a new material that could solve some of the problems currently plaguing carbon capture and storage.

Natural Gas/Coal

Campaigns Spar Over Coal’s Future
The Wall Street Journal
A handful of utility companies are determined to buck the trend toward natural gas and break ground on what could be the last new conventional coal-fired power plants in the U.S. The moves come as the presidential campaigns spar over the future of coal power.

Analysis: Coal fight looms, Keystone-like, over U.S. Northwest
Call it the Keystone of coal: a regulatory and public relations battle between environmentalists and U.S. coal miners akin to the one that has defined the Canada-to-Texas oil pipeline.

Cumbersome Gazprom losing its clout
The Washington Post
The foundations are starting to crack at Gazprom, the giant energy company that is the central pillar in the economic and political system constructed by Russian President Vladimir Putin.


3Degrees Launches New Utility Green Programs
Press Release
At today’s Renewable Energy Markets Conference, 3Degrees announced that its industry-leading utility green power program services business has continued to grow in 2012. In 2012, 3Degrees officially launched the Maine Green Power program and the Alameda Municipal Power Alameda Green program. These programs join 3Degrees’ portfolio of seven other utility partnerships.

Serbia Seeks Investors to Expand Electricity Output, Cut Imports
Serbia plans to cut red tape to attract investors in energy projects and increase power production to cut dependence on imports, Energy Minister Zorana Mihajlovic said.

Chinese Lender Supports Solar Companies, Securities Journal Says
China Development Bank Corp. renewed its pledge of credit support for the nation’s largest solar companies amid a global supply glut and anti-dumping complaints in the U.S. and Europe.

Toshiba, Mitsubishi Venture to Make Solar Parts in China: Nikkei
Toshiba Mitsubishi-Electric Industrial Systems Corp. will produce power conditioners for solar power generation in China and India, the Nikkei newspaper said today.

Unlicensed Solar Power Booming in Turkey
Renewable Energy
The unlicensed solar power market is booming in Turkey, with households, hotels, schools, malls and high rise building all seeing the advantage of investing in small scale installations.                    

Renewables share of Denmark’s power tops 40 pct
The share of Denmark’s total domestic power supply from renewable sources, mainly wind, exceeded 40 percent for the first time last year, the Danish Energy Agency said on Monday.


Wind power tax credit is vital to jobs
Sen. Ron Wyden on Politico
Just as the wind energy industry is poised for a record year, uncertainty about federal energy policy is threatening to pull the plug on its future.

Renewable Energy in California: What Has Policy Brought Us?
Climate Policy Institute’s Andrew Hobbs on Huffington Post
Government support for renewable energy is a subject of national debate. In particular, many are scrutinizing the Federal Production Tax Credit for wind energy — absent legislative action, it expires in December.


Power, Pollution and the Internet
The New York Times
Jeff Rothschild’s machines at Facebook had a problem he knew he had to solve immediately. They were about to melt.


Clean Water Act: Jurisdiction Confusion Continues
Ecosystem Marketplace
The Clean Water Act is nothing if not ambitious, aiming for zero pollutant discharges and all surface waters suitable for recreation within 15 years of passage of the Act. That was 40 years ago next month and, while progress has been made, we still have a long way to go: depending on who you ask, somewhere between 50-90% of water bodies in the U.S. today do not meet recreational goals.

Matt Damon’s Major Role in Finding Clean Water for World
When Matt Damon gets thirsty on a movie set, he has a drinking container aligned with his philanthropic mission.


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