In today’s edition: “No early Australian link to Californian carbon market,” according to The Sydney Morning Herald, while Bloomberg has “EU Carbon Permits Are Second-Fastest Rising Commodity” and “EU Carbon Permits Are Second-Fastest Rising Commodity.”

Quote of the Day:

“Believe what you like about the science, but the inescapable political fact is that voters – and in particular, swing voters – have the time horizons of newborn babes.”

–Cato’s Jerry Taylor and Peter Van Doren, writing for Forbes.

Lead Stories

No early Australian link to Californian carbon market
The Sydney Morning Herald
After announcing this week it will link its future carbon market to the EU’s, Australia may look to California next as a potential emissions-trading partner, but the US state may be less keen to cement a trans-continental link, analysts said.
**RKB – Skepticism lies with California not necessarily with Australia, analysts say.

Australia Carbon Price Seen Lower After Floor Scrapped, CMI Says
Australia’s decision to abandon setting a minimum rate for carbon permits and instead linking it to the European Union market by mid-2015 will mean a lower price for carbon, the Carbon Market Institute said.

EU Carbon Permits Are Second-Fastest Rising Commodity
European Union carbon was the second-fastest-rising commodity this month after northwest European naphtha. United Nations emission credits dropped in August, as their discount widened to a record.

Heckmann Agrees to Acquire Power Fuels
The Wall Street Journal
Wastewater-treatment company Heckmann set to become a bigger player in the business of hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, after agreeing to buy privately held Power Fuels Inc. in a cash-and-stock deal valued at about $381 million, a person close to the company said Monday.

President Obama’s Alleged “War On Coal” – Climate Change Edition
Cato’s Jerry Taylor and Peter Van Doren on Forbes
We have long suspected that the never-ending sturm und drang surrounding climate change would have little real impact on public policy or energy markets because no politician ever got elected by promising to impose – or defending the imposition of – significant, observable costs on the present for the well-being of the future … in any policy arena. Believe what you like about the science, but the inescapable political fact is that voters – and in particular, swing voters – have the time horizons of newborn babes.
**RKB – Although from right-leaning Cato is in part a fairly neutral look at the political drag on climate change legislation from both parties.

Oil industry presses Obama on regulation
Financial Times
The US oil industry is increasing the pressure on President Barack Obama to pull back from new regulations on oil and gas production, stepping up its election advertising campaign in five key battleground states.

Obama vs. Romney 101: 7 ways they differ on energy issues
Christian Science Monitor
Both President Obama and Mitt Romney claim to want to expand America’s access to conventional fuels and green energy. But their energy plans have very different flavors.

Field of dreams: Israel’s natural gas
Financial Times
The black and yellow helicopter heads north from Tel Aviv, passing over empty beaches, a yacht harbour and a string of sprawling seafront residences that house some of Israel’s wealthiest families. After a few minutes the pilot makes a sharp turn to the left and steers his ageing Bell 412 towards the open sea.

The Once and Future U.S. Shale Gas Revolution

Knowledge at Wharton blog
Over the last 10 years, the U.S. has emerged as a leading producer of shale gas. Thanks to innovative extraction techniques spearheaded by Texas entrepreneur George P. Mitchell, natural gas trapped in shale formations, previously too difficult and costly to recover, now provides a burgeoning domestic energy supply.

Project Aims to Harness the Power of Waves
The New York Times
About 15 years ago, this environmentally conscious state with a fir tree on its license plates began pushing the idea of making renewable energy from the ocean waves that bob and swell on the Pacific horizon. But then one of the first test-buoy generators, launched with great fanfare, promptly sank. It was not a good start.


GreenGov Symposium
ACCO & White House Council on Environmental Quality
September 24-25, 2012

Carbon Forum North America
October 1-2, 2012
Washington, DC

Sustainability Summit – Innovation Challenge
October 9, 2012
New York

EMA  2012 Fall Meeting
**Keynote speaker is Richard Sandor
October 24 – October 26, 2012
Santa Monica, CA



Kenya drafts policy on carbon trading
Daily Nation
The Ministry of Finance is developing a policy on carbon trading to enable the government to harness potential revenue from projects that cut greenhouse gas emissions.

Poor seek to cut CDM access at UN climate talks
Reuters Point Carbon
More than 130 of the world’s poorest nations have sought to pressure richer countries to agree new legally-binding goals to cut greenhouse gas emissions by threatening to deny them access to cheap U.N. carbon credits, potentially making it more expensive for them to meet domestic emission goals.

New research finds Massachusetts a leader in energy conservation
Massachusetts received top marks in a study of what U.S. states are doing the best when it comes to promoting energy conservation. And while a lot of credit goes to current Governor Deval Patrick, many initiatives go back much further — even to Mitt Romney.

Rushed carbon permit auction to prop up budget
Australian Financial Review
The federal government plans to bolster its sagging budget bottom line by a near tripling of the auction of carbon emissions permits in 2013-14.

Natural Gas/Coal

Canada opposition attacks government over CNOOC Nexen bid
Canada’s main opposition party criticized how the government is handling a $15.1 billion bid by China’s CNOOC Ltd for Canadian oil producer Nexen Inc on Thursday, underlining how politically sensitive the matter has become.

NASA Helps Hatch Robots for Drilling Oil Without Humans: Energy
NASA’s Mars rover has something to teach the oil industry. Traversing the Red Planet while beaming data through space has a lot in common with exploring the deepest recesses of earth in search of crude oil and natural gas. Robotic Drilling Systems AS, a Norwegian company developing a drilling rig that can think for itself, signed an information-sharing agreement with NASA to discover what it might learn from the rover Curiosity.

Ophir lifts Tanzania site gas estimates
Financial Times
Ophir Energy has again increased its estimates of gas reserves in a block off Tanzania, increasing the chances of developing a major exploration project from the east African country.

Gas groups headed for large writedowns
Financial Times
US natural gas companies are heading for large writedowns in their reported reserves as a result of the slump in gas prices – in some cases, putting their finances under pressure.

Shale gas – burnt off
When too much capital chases a dream, not all of it survives. Many foresaw an alchemical process that would turn social connections to profit. They have watched half of the $16bn invested in Facebook’s public offering flutter up to money heaven. That may prove modest compared with the wealth sacrificed to the admirable idea that shale gas will create an energy-independent US.

Coal Industry Major Economic Contributor
Press Release
A new report from PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) revealed that coal production in Canada delivers more economic and social benefits than expected. The PwC report found an economic contribution of $5.2 billion to Canada’s GDP, including $3.2 billion in direct impacts and $2 billion of indirect impacts. The industry is also a positive contributor to Canada’s trade balance and benefits to employment and communities.

Coal’s Message Carried to Tampa
The Intelligencer/Wheeling News Register
Coal miners’ hard hats worked like magnets to attract people to West Virginia’s delegation at the 40th Republican National Convention, according to Brian Long.


Suzlon Plans First Global Wind Bond Since 2011: India Credit
Suzlon Energy Ltd. (SUEL) plans the first international bond offering among wind-turbine makers in more than a year, testing investor appetite as the industry struggles with a supply glut and dwindling government support.

Strong on Solar: Australia Eyes CSP Leadership
Renewable Energy World
A move into concentrating solar thermal power (CSP) could not only drive Australia’s de-carbonization but establish a global technology lead, says a new analysis from the Australia Solar Institute.   

Bioethanol or Biodiesel: Europe Hesitates over Indirect Impact of Green Fuel        
Renewable Energy World
For years Europe has encouraged motorists to use diesel over petrol in its efforts to cut carbon dioxide emissions. Now, as the focus switches to introducing renewable fuels, it is proving far easier to produce clean bioethanol to replace petrol than clean biodiesel, leaving Europe’s renewable fuel targets looking vulnerable.   


India finds biz appeal in green IT
Companies in India have adopted a holistic approach to solve the problem of IT energy wastage, a movement which has suffered from piecemeal green computing products and relied on appealing to the social conscience.


ECC Awarded $400 Million Contract to Upgrade Ghana Water System
ECC won a $400 million contract to upgrade and revamp Ghana’s national water system for Ghana Water Co., the Burlingame, California-based company said.



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