SGX CEO Loh Boon Chye Discusses Strategic Initiatives and Market Trends at FIA Asia Conference; Interviewed by JLN’s Robert Lothian

Robert Lothian

Robert Lothian

Assistant Videographer/Editor

Loh Boon Chye, CEO of SGX, was interviewed by Robert Lothian of John Lothian News at the FIA Asia conference in Singapore and addressed several key topics driving growth at SGX. Boon Chye emphasized SGX’s strategy to invest in new EV-battery mineral contracts, as part of its commodities suite.

These new mineral contracts aim to provide investment solutions for participants. Boon Chye also highlighted SGX’s goal to simplify access to Asian markets for global investors amid inflation and higher interest rates, given the growing significance of Asia in the global economy.

“Asia is growing now and in the last decade, the composition of Asia in global GDP has grown from 38% to 45%,” Boon Chye said. “It is expected to be over 50% of global GDP by 2030. Obviously the growth is not just in China and India, and Asia is a very diverse region. It has many growth dimensions.”

Regarding India, SGX has witnessed increasing interest in its GIFT City contracts due to India’s strong economic growth and participation by large Indian companies in international markets. SGX plans to continue capitalizing on this interest and further encourage Indian market participation, Boon Chye said.

Boon Chye also discussed SGX’s commitment to ESG sustainability and carbon trading, with SGX being the first Asian exchange to have a net-zero target. SGX aims to serve as a solutions provider in this area, offering a data platform for companies to disclose climate-related information and supporting capital investment in companies on a net-zero pathway, he said.

In terms of the future of trading and industrialization-related products and materials, Boon Chye acknowledged the growing focus on climate change and net-zero goals, which may lead to the development of new financial instruments and technologies in this space.

Note: This story has been updated and corrected.

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