SIFMA’s Ellen Greene Talks CAT, Regulation Surplus and Retail Trading in JLN OIC 2022 Interview

John Lothian

John Lothian

Executive Chairman and CEO

John Lothian News Interviewed Ellen Greene at the 2022 Options Conference in San Antonio, Texas, about what SIFMA is.

We asked Greene about the consolidated audit trail and how this data repository was doing since it started in 2020.

Greene spoke about how important protecting the data of the CAT is and how to do that. 

We asked her about how the industry views the current volume of regulation. She said there are 50 different proposals coming before the SEC this year and explained the implications of the process. 

Greene spoke about how the markets have responded to the pandemic.

She also spoke about what is driving retail participation in the markets and mentioned a survey SIFMA conducted of its members earlier this year. The results of the survey surprised her, and she had lots to say about it. 


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