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What’s The Difference Between Fog and Clouds? Like other types of crabs, it is only legal to harvest the male King crabs, and the meat is snowy white with a yummy, delicate flavor and an outer edge that is bright red in color. They have sweet white meat that has an oilier texture than regular crab meat. Types of Tea: Varieties of Tea With Their Flavor, Caffeine Content and More, The Tastiest and Most Exciting Types of Cheese You Didn't Know About, Types of Bread: 20 Different Bread Types from Around the World (With Pictures and Names), Types of Cuisine From Around the World With Their Popular Foods, Types of Crabs: Different Kinds of Crabs from Around the World (with Pictures), Types of Fish with Their Name, Picture, and Flavor, Types of Oysters with Their Name, Picture, and Flavor. } Their size could reach up to 10 inches. One of the reasons Dungeness crabs are so popular is due to their sweet-tasting meat. There are three different types of king crabs that get harvested commercially: the red, blue, and golden king crab. The crab varieties come by these names due to the color of their shells. It also has various color such as orange, red, and purple. Although their shell-to-meat ratio is relatively small, they are still edible and very tasty. These ‘crabs’ are more closely related to squat lobsters. Another popular large variety of crab is the Dungeness crab (Cancer magister) which is brown to purple in color and has a hard shell. They are decapods that can get up to four pounds in weight, and their diet consists mostly of clams, worms, and other crustaceans found on the ocean bottom. This species of crab is also found in the cold seas around Alaska and in the North Atlantic Ocean. They are also called Tanner crabs and are a variety of the Snow crab. The largest crab species is fished from October to January in Norton Sound, Alaska, and the Bering Sea. They have … Compared to the size of other popular types of edible crabs, the Peekytoe crab is a medium-sized crab. _g1.setAttribute('src', _g1.getAttribute('data-src') ); Puget sound king crab is the next types of ocean crabs. Although this is an edible type of crab, it is rarely eaten because of its low meat content. This is not a problem for them, because they can grow another leg from the scar where the last one was found. Another species of hermit crabs, the Coenobita rugosus, looks very similar to the Ecuadorian crabs except for a few key differences. You can eat hermit crabs; however, they are generally quite small and not worth the bother. You can usually find king crabs at the bottom of the ocean or on muddy, sandy floors at a depth of anywhere from 90 – 300 feet. Northern Kelp Crab Pugettia producta Typical size: 1-3” across carapace ID: Smooth carapace top. They are bottom-dwelling omnivores whose males can reach up to nine inches in the width of their shell. Scroll below to know more. A rainbow land crab. The snow crabs or Chionoecetes opilio in scientific terms, are a type of crab very popular in Alaska. Ocean crabs live in deeper waters, and some species even inhabit places as inhospitable as hydrothermal oceanic vents. The Dungeness crab is a relatively large type of ocean crab. The most prolific species on the east coast of the U.S., they range in size from 3 1/2 inches up to 5 1/2 inches or more on the market. They can also be called rock or bay crabs, although the rock crabs are usually actually a type called a snow crab. Most Dungeness crabs live approximately ten years, and because of their taste, there is an extremely popular type of crab to eat. This is because, without freezing, stone crabs can have an iodine taste that is not very pleasant. For example, the name ‘coconut crab’ is because of their ability to climb up palms, pick coconuts, and then open them on the ground. Source = Shopify . Peekytoe crabs have white meat with little specks of pink and a very sweet flavor that is enjoyed by all types of chefs. The Brown crab is one of the most popular varieties of crab in the United Kingdom. In recent years, Bairdi crabs have suffered due to overfishing, which has resulted in strict controls being placed over fisheries that specialize in this type of crab. INTRODUCTION TO THE CRABS, SHRIMPS AND CRAYFISH OF BRITISH COLUMBIA (ORDER DECAPODA) Pacific Red Hermit Crab (Elassochirus gilli), photo by Aaron Baldwin. These crabs are found in the warm waters in Central America and the East Coast of the US. There are roughly 1,100 species of Hermit crabs, divided into seven different families. They vary in size from the Pea Crab which is 0.27 to 0.47 inches in length to the Japanese Spider Crab that spans 12 feet from claw to claw. They are found in the waters from Alaska to the Baja area of Mexico and are named for a town called Dungeness, which was formerly found in Washington State. In order to grow larger, crabs have to shed their old shell and form a new one. Use a cracker on the tough, spiny leg clusters to access long, thick spears of meat inside. Dungeness crab is one of the best crabs to eat. The Peekytoe crab (Cancer irroratus) is a brown rock crab species that thrives in cold waters in the Atlantic Ocean. The Peekytoe crab (Atlantic rock crab) is a type of cold ocean crab. There are many types of crab that you can catch, clean, cook and eat. However, Ecuadorian crabs have more variation of color, such as darker-colored feet, whereas the body of a ruggie is the same, uniform color. It is also a variety of the Hermit crab, although it doesn’t have a shell when it is fully grown as those crabs do. Snow Crab. if ( localStorage.getItem(skinItemId ) ) { With Hermit crabs, lifespans and sizes vary greatly and in fact, they can live anywhere from a few months all the way up to thirty years. If you can obtain a naturally sweet species like flower crab, go light on the seasoning to let the natural flavor of the crab come through. One type of edible freshwater crab is the Southern European crab (Potamon fluviatile). Let’s look in more detail at some of the most popular types of crabs that you can eat. Crabs make up 20% of all marine crustaceans caught, farmed, and consumed worldwide, amounting to 1.5 million tonnes annually. European green crabs have now become an invasive species in North America. _g1.setAttribute('srcset', _g1.getAttribute('data-srcset')); In fact, this type of crab is very popular among chefs nowadays, because that’s how good the meat is, in part because you can use this crab in everything from salads to crab rolls and much more. Unlike some other kinds of edible crabs, you can easily break open the legs to get to the meat. Blue crab claws are also available. Because this crab looks like a horseshoe, this is how the item gets its name. Due to the hardness of the claws, you need a mallet or crab crackers to get to the meat. There is usually plenty of meat in the body as well as the legs and claws. There are many types of edible crabs that have white, sweet, delicious meat when cooked. Some of them make great pets, whereas others aren’t as suitable. If you don’t know the major differences about the crabs, below is the list of types of crabs to make you aware more about these giant species. If they live in the wild, Hermit crabs are very social and live in colonies that are quite large, which might be because they are always on the lookout to steal another crab’s shell. You will find Dungeness Crabs as far north as the Aleutian Islands, Alaska south as Magdalena Bay, Mexico. _g1.classList.remove('lazyload'); They are essentially sand or Maine crabs, but once the name was changed to “peekytoes,” their popularity took off. They are very commonly found on Florida beaches, and they have a spike-like tail that many people consider dangerous, even though it is completely harmless. So, just how big is the Japanese spider crab? It has a large body which can measure up to 16” (40 cm) in width. try { They are captured mostly through hooks and lines, baited pots, nets, and even by hand. The bodies of these super-sized crustaceans can measure up to 11” (28 cm) across and weigh up to 28 lbs (nearly 13 kg). Their popular name is a misnomer, as they are not true crabs, nor even crustaceans, as crabs are, but a different order of arthropod.. This is when a crab has just shed its outer shell (exoskeleton) and the new one hasn’t hardened yet. They’re sold live, cooked whole, frozen, and as picked meat. The meat of the female crabs is a brown type of crab meat that has a rich flavor. There are many types of crab; each crab has its own characteristics and is used for cooking or for different purposes. The meat extracted from the claws is one of the best to eat – it is sweet and succulent with a firm texture. With stone crabs, only the claws themselves are eaten, and since crabs can regenerate their claws every eighteen months, fishermen often twist off a claw and toss the crabs back into the water, leaving them with one claw to defend themselves. You can click in to each one to find more information about each type, view pictures and find where their respective habitat's are and crab season's. The rugosus, or ruggie, comes in a variety of colors: black, blue, tan, gray, peach, and even white. The taste of Horsehair crab meat is described as sweet and delicate and is considered as one of the best tasting crab. There are giant snow crabs or king crabs with their long spiky legs and claws that contain most of the crab’s meat. Coconut crabs eat meats, nuts, fruits, and seeds, and one aspect that makes them unique is their inability to survive for long periods of time under the water – in fact, they will eventually drown if they are underwater for too long. Rather than catch and cook the whole crab, when these crabs are caught, one claw is pulled off. Crabs belong to the crustacean family and have over 4500 species. This also gives a pink tinge to the edges of the savory Alaskan crab meat that you extract from the claws and legs. The anemone benefits by receiving food scrapes from the crab, while the crab benefits by getting a bit of extra protection and camouflage. These crabs are recorded among the largest species of crabs in the world. In fact, species of king crabs are among some of the largest types of crabs on the planet. The meat from cooked Blue crabs is described as salty-sweet. These crabs are incredibly sweet—and many aficionados prefer them to any other type of crab. Atlantic Rock Crab. Usually, soft-shell crabs are consumed whole sautéed or deep-fried. But unlike most hermit crabs, coconut crabs develop a hard, calcified shell for protection. Among the three types the Alaskan king crab is known to be the popular crab with relatively high prices. There are around 1,300 species of freshwater crabs, distributed throughout the tropics and subtropics, divided among eight families. Compared to varieties of seawater crabs, the Southern European crab is tiny in comparison. They have a sweet, succulent flesh that is pink in color, and their prime season is Winter time. Blue Crab . Why is Volcanic Soil (Andisol) Very Fertile. They like to have them stuck to whatever shell they are in. Of course, the length of the long spindly legs means that it may take a bit of work to get all of the tasty flaky white meat out. Catching these crabs requires a cold storage unit on the fishing boat in order to replicate the crab’s natural environment in the deep seas. Even though they are a beautiful blue color, they do change to a reddish color as other crabs when they are cooked. Cooked Dungeness crabs take on a light pink to red color. A sweet, easy staple at all-you-can-eat seafood buffets. These compact brown-orange crabs have a bumpy shell with orange or lightly-colored dots on it. At the end of the article, you will also learn about a few crab species and different types of crabs that are rarely consumed. Horseshoe crabs have ten eyes and in fact, are not really crabs at all, being more closely related to animals such as scorpions, ticks, and even spiders. It is also called the ‘hairy crab’ due to the spiky hairs on its body. _g1.classList.remove('lazyload'); Hermit crabs make up a group of crabs in the Paguroidea superfamily and can include marine crabs and land hermit crabs. Horseshoe crabs live primarily in and around shallow coastal waters on soft sandy or muddy bottoms. These invertebrates are omnivores and consume algae, fungi, bacteria, other crustaceans, mollusks, and worms. The leg span can reach a massive 18 ft. (5.5 m) in length. In order to be harvested, they are required by law to be a minimum of 6.25 inches in length, and only the males are allowed to be harvested. Hermit crabs are usually purchased as pets for children because they are fun to play with and very small. Red King crab is a popular type of edible Alaskan crab. The meat from male brown crabs is whiter and has a sweeter flavor. Bairdi crabs have short tails and are very specialized. Found frequently in territories around the Pacific and Indian oceans, Coconut crabs only have two distinct predators – other Coconut crabs and human beings. The Peekytoe crab (Cancer irroratus) is a brown rock crab species that thrives in cold waters in the Atlantic Ocean. } catch(e) {}, Nayturr The Horseshoe crab is a type of arthropod and, despite their name, are not a true variety of crab. There are thousands of different types of crabs that are divided into over 850 species. This type of crab is identified by its brown color and purplish spots on its hard shell. They also have a unique form of protecting themselves, as they usually use one of their legs – which contains a small circular groove at the base – to snap off a leg should it be held by a predator or get entangled to the point where it cannot escape any other way. One of the unique features of this crab-like species is that they don’t develop their own hard exoskeleton. A single crab can weigh up to 4 lbs (1.8 kg) and up to one-quarter of its weight is tasty crab meat. You can find them in the depth of 450 feet. Brown, brown-yellow, or dark red carapace. If chefs wish to learn which claws have the most meat, they float them in a tank of water. The Dungeness Crab, scientifically known as Metacarcinus magister, is a widely distributed crab species along the North American Pacific Coast. Cooking a Blue crab causes the shell to turn a distinct deep red color common to most cooked crustaceans. The graceful crab is very similar in appearance to the Dungeness crab, however it is much smaller and lacks the “teeth” along the edge of the pinchers. The crabs are then returned to the ocean where they will grow a new claw within 18 months. More than 1,300 described species of freshwater crabs are known, out of a total of 6,700 species of crabs across all environments. Coconut crabs inhabit islands in the Indian and Pacific oceans. These animals usually live in intertidal zones, such as the shores of beaches, estuaries and mangroves. The reason they are called. If you happen to eat a coconut crab while visiting a Pacific Island, you may also find that they have a slight taste of coconut. They use gastropod shells that hide their soft abdomen as they grow larger because without these shells they are open to a predator’s attack. Types of pet crabs Rainbow land crab and Halloween land crab. The Spruce / Bailey Mariner Blue Crab . The jeweled anemone crab has a symbiotic relationship with two types of anemone. Dungeness crabs have very hard shells and five separate pairs of legs. The total number of species of freshwater crabs, including undescribed species, is thought to be up to 65% higher, potentially up to 2,155 species, although most of the additional species are currently unknown to science. The Horsehair crab is a type of small to medium-sized edible crab. Their behavior has also earned them various names. These crabs usually grow to 8” (20 cm) in width, with the body and meat being a good source of meat. You can boil them in a similar way to Blue crab and they have a rich sweet taste. The Chesapeake Bay, bordered by Virginia and Maryland, is famous for its blue crabs. _g1 = document.getElementById('g1-logo-inverted-source'); 1,594. When cooked, its claws are a light pink to red color with black tips. Compared to the size of other popular types of edible crabs, the Peekytoe crab is a medium-sized crab. Blue crab is a popular type of edible crab. One of the most interesting aspects of horseshoe crabs is that they have been around some 500-million years, and they are found along the Atlantic coast from Nova Scotia to the Yucatan, as well as Asian coasts, the Philippines, and India. Another type of huge Alaskan king crab is the Blue King Crab (Paralithodes platypus). The Florida Stone crab has large claws with sweet and succulent meet. Snow crabs (Chionoecetes opilio) are also called rock crabs and are a type of Alaskan crab with long legs. Certain crabs can also make a very tasty meal! Snow crabs found in the Bering Sea can be found approximately 650 feet below the surface, in sandy or muddy environments. Rather than a round type of carapace, the side of a Blue crab’s body protrudes to a point. The King Crab. 1. Hermit crab is a type of small crab that doesn’t develop its own hard shell. Soft-shell crabs. Aside from its size, this small crab can actually be found in the depth until 790 m beneath the sea. 2. Blue Crabs. As hermit crabs grow, they have to discard their shells and look for larger ones. Different species of crab really vary in size and in their behaviour. Most varieties of crab have hard outer shell (called an exoskeleton), 3 walking legs on either side of their body, and 2 pinching claws. However, the Florida stone crab is found in warmer seas in the Gulf of Mexico, on the coast of Florida, and in salt marshes in some US states. Other names include Queen crabs and tanner crabs. Soft-shell crabs are blue crabs that have molted. They live in water that at least 1000 feet deep. 5 Orangutan Crab Achaeus Japonicus. For example, snow crabs live in the cold waters around Alaska, Greenland, Siberia, and Japan. Other commercially important taxa include Portunus pelagicus, several species in the genus Chionoecetes, the blue crab (Callinectes sapidus), Charybdis spp., Cancer pagurus, the Dungeness crab (Metacarcinus magister), and Scylla serrata, each of which yields more than 20,000 tonnes annually. Red King crabs are generally caught in cold North Pacific seas around Alaska, such as the Bering Sea and Norton Sound. It has smaller chelae than other popular crabs, such as the Florida Stone crab. The crabs with less meat will float to the top of the tank, and they then sell those crabs as “lights.”. Because the shell of Dungeness crabs is especially hard, crab crackers and shrimp forks are usually provided to extract the pinky-white sweet meat. The puget sound king crab is also one kind of many species of king crab. Nayturr However, it is most commonly found in the area stretching from Texas to Massachusetts. This is a small to medium-sized crab. Analysis of some of these crabs are as follows; 1. Horseshoe crabs are marine and brackish water arthropods of the family Limulidae, suborder Xiphosurida, and order Xiphosura. The brown shell turns a lighter shade of brown when cooked. They have five pairs of legs, the first one containing pincers, and a body that is made mostly of a shell or a carapace that has a small abdominal flap. The taste of this variety of crab is described as moist and tender with salty hints of the ocean. _g1 = document.getElementById('g1-logo-inverted-img'); Horsehair crabs are generally found in the waters around Alaska and Northern Japan. Despite this large crab having a ferocious look of something out of a Sci-Fi movie, it is not an aggressive species. Rather than being something to fear, the meat of a Japanese spider crab is a delicious delicacy. Although there are dozens of different types of crabs, only a handful dominate the market: Alaska king crab: The Alaska king crab, the largest of all crabs, is mostly sold as cooked and frozen meat from the legs and claws. The crab’s carapace usually measures up to 6.5” (17 cm) wide, making this a medium to large-sized crab. 3. Systematics. The shallows at Three Tree Point are a good place to encounter this species. The Latin name for blue crabs means “beautiful swimmer,” and the name suits it well because it is a beautiful, blue-green-colored crab. It is not so much an exploration of the different families of crabs as an examination of what kinds of places crabs live with examples of individual species.

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