In light of my CFTC metals testimony yesterday and with a wink to country music artist Tim McGraw, here are the lyrics of a song I call “Golden Voice”:

Fort Knox Stores it

King Midas Touched it

The Magi Presented it

Thomas More made fun of it

Skeptics bit it

Alchemists tried to make it

The Forty-Niners Rushed it

Olympians Win it

The Noble Prize Awards it

Aristotle Meaned it

Kings are crowned with it

Fingers are banded with it

Old Couples Celebrate it

Ian Fleming Noveled it

The Romans Coined it

The Trojans weighed it

Isaac Newton Fixed it

South Africa Mines it

Governments Standardized it

William Jennings Bryant Mesmerized with it

Bretton Woods Valued it

Mints Bar it

Exchanges Trade it

Options Traders Call it

Jewelers shape it

IRA Accounts Hold it

El Dorado Hides it

Tutankhamun rested in it

Conspiracy Theorists Claim it

Glenn Beck Shills it

Goldman, Sachs it

Gold Diggers Marry it

Miners Dust it

Canadians Leaf it

Designers Lame’ it

Rocks Ore it

Prospectors hope for it

Dentists Drill it

Dealers Scrap it

Recyclers buy it

Brokers convert it

Refiners Acid Test it

Teeth chew with it

Retirees tell time with it

Gold Bond heals with it

Market Technicians Chart it

Ages are marked with it

Boy Athletes are Anointed with it

San Francisco Gates it

Workers are handcuffed with it

Executives are parachuted with it

Oldies Music Do Wops with it

Retrievers fetch it

Old people enjoy years of it

A Golden Voice

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