In today’s edition, no one is a prophet in his own land, so Al Gore goes to the Financial Times to make his (strong economic) case for coal divestment, while the U.S. coal industry charges that the Obama’s Power Africa initiative goes against the administration’s energy policies. In the meantime, another U.K. paper, the Guardian, is debunking the myth of diesel: its green image was an illusion, it says. 

Quote of the day

“We have a saying that when two elephants fight, the grass suffers. We don’t want to be the grass under the U.S. and China.” 

Tosi Mpanu-Mpanu, lead negotiator for the Democratic Republic of the Congo, in the Reuters’ story African negotiators urge U.S. leadership for U.N. climate deal

Lead stories

Strong economic case for coal divestment
Al Gore and David Blood, Financial Times 
The call for investors to divest from coal assets, one of the most carbon-intensive energy sources, has been primarily based on the harmful social and environmental outcomes linked with carbon emissions.

African negotiators urge U.S. leadership for U.N. climate deal
Valerie Volcovici, Reuters
African climate negotiators attending the U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit in Washington this week said leadership from the United States is critical to finalizing a global deal on measures to address climate change in 2015 after years of deadlock.

Coal assails Obama’s Power Africa pledge
Benjamin Goad, The Hill
President Obama’s pledge to boost funding for his Power Africa initiative appears out of line with the administration’s energy policies, the coal industry charged Wednesday.

The great diesel scandal: how cheap fuel is choking our cities
Fiona Harvey, The Guardian
Diesel’s popularity with motorists has surged, but its green image was an illusion. Now concern is growing over the damage caused by emissions, with children particularly vulnerable.

China diesel demand may post first fall in over a decade as economy slows
Chen Aizhu, Reuters  
China’s diesel demand is set to post its first fall in more than a decade this year, sources at the country’s top oil majors said, as a sputtering economy takes its toll on key industrial sectors.

Boeing to pilot jetfuel from nicotine-free tobacco plants
Will Nichols, BusinessGreen
We all know tobacco brings with it myriad health risks, not to mention smelly clothes, but could the evil weed also have a more positive use than rolling it up and smoking it.

Why A New Study Thinks Next Year’s Climate Talks Won’t Keep The World Under 2°C
Jeff Spross, Think Progress 
The hopes that the world will do something meaningful to reduce its carbon emissions now hang on the next big round of international climate talks in Paris in 2015.


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23 October 2014 
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Volkswagen, Audi offer electric car carbon offsets
Chris Woodyard, USA TODAY 
As if electric cars weren’t “green” enough, Volkswagen and Audi say they are going to invest in projects that will offset the carbon emissions created in production, distribution and driving of their respective plug-in cars.

Researchers spot methane bubbling up from Arctic Ocean floor 
Nunatsiaq News
In a region that is already warming faster than any other on Earth, scientists now say we may have more to fear than just thawing permafrost and melting sea ice in the Arctic.

New USDA standards and tool help farmers cut emissions and earn offsets 
Robert Parkhurst, Environmental Defense Fund
Agriculture accounts for about 10 percent of America’s greenhouse gas emissions so it makes sense to look for innovative ways to lessen the sector’s impact.

95% of Amazon deforestation happens near roads or major rivers
94.9 percent of deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon occurs on land less than 5 kilometers from a road or navigable river, finds a new study published in the journal Biological Conservation.

Column: Cap-and-trade can help forests and businesses grow together
Christine Yankel, The Climate Trust
Portland’s nickname “Stumptown” reflects the central but conflicted role of trees in Oregon’s physical, cultural, and economic landscape. 

Natural gas / coal

China natural gas growth faces hurdles
Anjli Raval, Financial Times 
Rising incomes, rapid urbanisation and concerns over the toxic smog that enshrouds many of China’s cities is driving the country away from coal and oil and towards natural gas.

Dana Gas yield at record amid risky Iraq fields
Dubai: Dana Gas bonds are tumbling, driving yields to records, amid concern the fuel producer’s fields in northern Iraq are threatened by intensifying battles between rebels and Kurdish forces.


China invests in Tanzanian wind energy project
Hydrogen Fuel News
Renewable energy has become a hot topic in China, but the country is not only looking to embrace clean power for itself.

Akon Is Pushing Solar Power in Africa
Clare Foran, National Journal
Akon is a multi-platinum recording artist now, but before making a fortune with hits such as “Smack That” and “Locked Up,” he was a child growing up without electricity in the West African nation of Senegal.

DOE to give $18 million for geothermal projects
Timothy Cama, The Hill
The Department of Energy said Wednesday that it would give up to $18 million to 32 projects that aim to reduce the costs related to geothermal energy.

Clean tech

RES debuts cutting-edge Canadian energy storage system
James Murray, BusinessGreen
The grid-scale energy storage market has taken another important step forward as one of North America’s leading renewables developers this week confirmed it had been granted approval for its latest 4MW battery system. 
***LB: Also in this story “Renewable Energy Systems (RES) Canada, a unit of renewable energy giant RES Group, announced that it has been granted final certification for its Amphora energy storage system in Central Strathroy, Ontario.”


Dry California Fights Illegal Use of Water for Cannabis
Melena Ryzik, The New York Times
An abandoned recreational vehicle was the first clue.

China: coal mine impact on Yellow river upper basin – in pictures
Muli coalfield is illegally gobbling up a nature reserve, blasting away alpine meadows and destroying the ecosystem of the country’s second largest river. 

Pollution triples mercury levels in ocean surface waters, study finds 
Fiona Harvey,
The amount of mercury near the surface of many of the world’s oceans has tripled as the result of our polluting activities, a new study has found, with potentially damaging implications for marine life as the result of the accumulation of the toxic metal.


Businesses urged to help shape future of Europe’s CSR policies
Jessica Shankleman, BusinessGreen
Green businesses and NGOs should not necessarily expect the new European Commission to place corporate social responsibility (CSR) high on its agenda, Labour MEP Richard Howitt has warned.

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