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John Lothian

John Lothian

Executive Chairman

Sixteen years ago my life changed when I attended the LaSalle Street dinner supporting the Boy Scouts and I decided to sign up to become a leader. The event, now called the LaSalle Street Trading Tech Awards, is coming up on November 9 at the Chicago Board of Trade Building in the 12th floor atrium.

You have a chance to support this event, attend this event and learn how you can help change the lives of young Scouts by participating the Trading Tech 300 merit badge workshop program. This year we impacted the lives of 420 Scouts, with 515 merit badges earned and nine firms participating so far this year.

I hope you will support the event financially, either corporately or individually, and realize some of the same good will I have received from my experience with the Scouts.

Back in 2001, my friends at Nasdaq-Liffe (yes, that was a thing) invited me to the legendary Chicago Area Council Boy Scout soiree.

After hearing an inspiring message from a Boy Scout leader at the event, and reflecting on my 1st grade son’s Cub Scout experience, I decided to get involved. It was one of the best things I have ever done.

It has brought me memories I can never replace of experiences with my two sons who advanced through the Scouting ranks, Tim earning Eagle and 16-year old Robby advancing so far to Life. My daughter became a Venturing Crew member and attended the World Scout Jamboree in Japan, a life altering experience. She followed that up with a trip to the National Jamboree this last summer.

From Den Leader, to Cubmaster, to Assistant Scoutmaster, Merit Badge Counselor, Scoutmaster, Venturing Advisor, District Chairman and now Council nominating chairman, I have had a varied and valuable Scouting experience.

I recently started an Exploring Club with girls, teaching them the same lessons the boys would learn on the First Class Trail in order help grow my Venturing Crew.

And of course, I created the Trading Tech 300 program that is now at the center of the LaSalle Street event that started it all. This year I return as co-chair of the event, along with my friend John Hague of RSM.

The Trading Tech 300 program has revitalized the relationship between LaSalle Street firms and the Boy Scouts. Firms are lining up to hold TT300 merit badge workshops, giving Scouts the unique opportunity to see our industry and perhaps their own future in it.

Firms outside our industry are wanting to participate in the program. Scout leaders from outside Chicago have asked how they get a TT300 program. Even a Girl Scout leader asked how they can participate.

Trading Tech 300 was described by the new head of the Pathway to Adventure Council, Jeff Isaac, as cutting edge in the Scouting world. You see, we have figured out how to positively impact Scouts around Chicago and keep them safe and away from the dangers of the streets on days off of school and during the summer. And we have learned how to engage the corporate community looking for opportunities for their employees to give back.

We are educating the Scouts about STEM related merit badges and other subjects. We are showing them a future that brighter and different than gangs, guns and drugs. We are making an impact for the better. You are making a difference.

And that is what this industry does. Our markets help people all over the world manage risk and discover prices. But with our hearts, and souls, we help other people. We make a difference.

The list of charities we support goes on and on. The Boy Scouts of America, an organization started by a Chicago publisher, is among those we support.

So today, I am asking your support for the Boy Scouts, the Pathway to Adventure Council that provides us the support to run the Trading Tech 300 program and help change lives. I ask you to become a sponsor of the LaSalle Street Trading Tech Awards event on November 9, buy a ticket to attend yourself, or just make a donation to support Scouting.

We continue to look for new firms to sponsor Trading Tech 300 merit badge workshops. If you come to the event, you can learn from those who have benefitted from offering sessions already.

I promise you will have a good time at the event and your presence will make a difference. Good people getting together doing good things together is always fun and supporting the Scouts in Chicago area is a great way to make a difference.

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