ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

OCC's Cahill Takes the Ice Bucket Challenge

OCC President and CEO Mike Cahill participated in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge on August 25, 2014. Mike was nominated by Gary Katz of ISE Exchange and challenged Kim Taylor, President of CME Clearing at CME Group, Michael Bodson, President and CEO of DTCC and Dave...

KCG's Daniel Coleman Takes the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

KCG CEO Daniel Coleman accepted the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge we gave in the John Lothian Newsletter and the nomination from ISE CEO Gary Katz.  He in turn nominated Duncan Niederaur, Richard Handler of Jefferies and Bill Ford of General Atlantic. Here is Daniel...

David Setters Plea for Support of MND

From David Setters Facebook page: I didn’t really want to enter into the heated discussion about which charity “owns” the Ice Bucket Challenge (IBC) because most charities and their staff/volunteers do fantastic work. However, because of the short lived nature of this...

ISE's Gary Katz Takes the ALS Ice Bucket Plunge

ISE CEO Gary Katz, who calls the ISE the original "ice" exchange, took the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge today in front of a throng of ISE employees.  Three employees won a drawing to pour a bucket of ice cold water over his head. Katz called out KCG's Daniel Coleman,...

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