Andy Nybo

Keeping Tabbs on the Options Industry

The outlook for the options industry is a lot less sunny than the skies in Miami Beach, if you listen to the Tabb Group's Andy Nybo. The industry faces major challenges right now, including a lessening of liquidity, widening bid-ask spreads, and market fragmentation,...

The Changing Face of “Mom and Pop” Traders

By Catherine Clay, CEO of Livevol When Andy Nybo talks, I pay close attention. I’m sure I’m not alone because Andy, head of derivatives research at the TABB Group, delivers some great research. Some of his recent research concerns the rise of the individual retail...

ISE Polishing Up New "Topaz" Exchange

ISE Polishing Up New “Topaz” Exchangeby Sarah Rudolph, JLNThe International Securities Exchange is a few steps closer to making the already crowded field of U.S. options exchanges even more crowded.  On March 1, 2013, the Securities & Exchange Commission issued an...

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