A Krugman Conundrum: Beware the Single Metric

In today’s newsletter, the austerity debate again rears its head, this time in the form of a blog entry by economic heavyweight Paul Krugman. Dr. Krugman, a leading advocate of stimulus, stimulus and more stimulus to combat the economic ills of the past five years,...

Just How Healthy Are the US and EU Economies?

The climb back from the economic crisis has been long and hard. Two market participants believe that much is left to be done in Europe and in the US. Bob Swarup, principal of Camdor Capital in London who has studied economic crisis dating back to ancient Greece, says...

JLN Options: Flight From Risk Extends Beyond Apple

Lead StoriesFlight From Risk Extends Beyond AppleRandall W. Forsyth, Barron'sOnly buy stocks that go up. If they don't go up, don't buy them. That was the investment advice offered by the late humorist Will Rogers, and it seems to be followed by investors as much as...

The Opposite of Austerity?

The tallies are in and voters in France and Greece have spoken. Austerity is OK for others, but not for us. France has said “non!” to another stint with Nicolas Sarkozy and have instead elected Francois Hollande to become its first Socialist president since Francois...

Connecting the Dots

I am occasionally blessed with a not-so-busy weekend; one which allows me to take a bit more time to actually digest the week’s news, rather than just skim, scan, and absorb the main points. When I do, I tend to come away with a more complete picture, as I give myself...

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