Bart Chilton

Reflections on Bart Chilton

Reflections on Bart Chilton

Remembrances of the life of Bart Chilton from friends and colleagues I am very saddened to learn about the passing away of Bart Chilton. I had the privilege of working with Bart while he was Commissioner and I was a division director at the...

John Lothian Newsletter: Nasdaq Suspends Currency-Trading Plans While Rivals Race Ahead; Betting big against the yuan? Beijing will crush you; Bowie Bonds: When the Man Who Sold the World sold asset-based securities

First Read Yesterday's Top 3 The top read stories in yesterday's JLN were: Chicagoans help subdue unruly passenger on detoured United flight which included industry veteran Bob Fitzsimmons; Upstart IEX exchanges blows with small investors over high-frequency trading...

John Lothian Newsletter: As Silence Falls on Chicago Trading Pits, a Working-Class Portal Also Closes; Speed Traders Team Up in Microwave-Tower Superhighway Plan; China’s Mass Affluent to Have Double U.S. Counterparts’ Assets by 2020

First Read High Frequency Chatter Doug Ashburn - JLN The talking heads on TV love anniversaries. They are the easiest way to fill space in the 24-hour news cycle. In the debate over high-frequency trading, however, the network brass at CNBC and Fox Business could not...

A Speculator Does Not Bet

As I was listening to one of the High Frequency Trading subcommittee reports at the Technology Advisory Committee Meeting  of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission a week ago, I took umbrage at some of the language being used to describe trading. Specifically, I...

Futures Seeing Blue

As regulators, exchanges and firms comb through the mess that is MF Global, its painfully clear that this industry needs some self-examination. One of the life bloods of the futures business has come from retail and individual traders who help pump in liquidity. One...

Dear Mr. Chilton

Commissioner Bart Chilton says, in defense of position limits that: While I'd have an even tougher rule in many respects if I were the only author, this is nonetheless a very strong, needed and imperative rule to ensure more efficient and effective markets devoid of...

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