The Cycle of Life – Joe Guinan

The Cycle of Life – Joe Guinan

“It shocks me every day at five o’clock when I see the race to the elevator, as if only the first few will make it out of the building. Just because you have to work till five at the beginning of your career, doesn't mean you can only work till five.” In this video...

How I Discovered My WILD Side – Leslie Sutphen

“I didn’t like the floor very much... It was the [CBOE], which wasn't quite as rough and tumble as the futures floor, but I still felt kind of like this isn’t really a place for a nice girl like me.” In this video from MarketsWiki Education’s World of Opportunity...

Kenny Polcari, O’Neil Securities – Charting a Career

"Let me go and check this out. I'm either going to love (an intern job at the NYSE) or I'm going to hate it. If I hate it, OK, chalk it up to experience, but if I love it, it may change the course of my life. And, in fact, it changed the course of my life." Market...

Rick Tomsic, Tradovate – Building with Vision

“You don't need 20 years in an industry to have vision.  Some of the best ideas come from a unique vantage point.  Your vantage point... it's not jaded.  You don't know how futures technology may be used.  You may look at it from a fresh alternative.”The first step...

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