Bill Looney, CBOE – The Champions’ Mindset

"The more you apply your inherent skill set to a job, and the more that job requires your inherent skill set, the greater the formula is for success. And, more importantly, the happier you'll be." Bill Looney is a real Renaissance man - institutional sales trader,...

Ed Boyle, BOX Options Exchange – The Crystal Ball

"The successful firms in this industry looked at the history, saw the change coming, and reacted by getting ahead of it."Ed Boyle believes that everyone has access to a crystal ball. The trick, however, is to make sure it is tuned to the right frequency. He says the...

Lee Hodgkinson, Euronext – Lessons from the 4-Minute Mile

"Everything is possible; nothing is easy."Roger Bannister, Clarence "Captain" Birdseye and Fedex founder Fred Smith all have one thing in common - they each proved that something previously declared "impossible" was not impossible, just really difficult. Whether it is...

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