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The Pound’s Brexit Test; FX Flash Crashes; Basel Rules

Observations & Insight Sunday, Sunday, Sunday Spencer Doar - JLN My fantasy football team was bad this year. The Detroit Lions in 2008 bad. I went 0-13. A mathematically inclined friend in the same league ran the numbers - not sure of the specifics, but he used...

VIX Bits: The Thermometer Isn’t Broken

VIX Bits: The Thermometer Isn’t Broken

On the 30th anniversary of the ‘87 market crash last week, Cboe, in collaboration with ProShares, hosted a panel discussion “Current Dynamics of the VIX Market.” There was a lot to glean - from the applications of VIX ETPs to unique...

There is no Fear in Fear Itself

In compiling today’s newsletter, two themes stick out like sore thumbs. First, the world seems to be getting the message that current policy is having less and less impact, and the side effects of such policy may be worse than the disease itself. Meanwhile, asset...

The Addiction of the Temporary Fix

While aggregating news for various JLN newsletters this morning, I came across this press release: Aggressive Central Bank Actions Will Continue As Long As Global Economic Prospects Remain Bleak, According to BNY Mellon-Sponsored ReportCentral banks are unlikely to...

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Reddit traders wage battle against Wall Street

Reddit traders wage battle against Wall Street

First Read $27,651/$300,000 (9.2%) Elizabeth Cook and Robin Trott ++++ SEC Commissioner Peirce Rolls Out Welcome Mat For New Chairman Thom Thompson - John Lothian News "Even though there are unknowns, there are potential benefits," is what SEC Commissioner Hester...

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