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Changing After The Crisis: A CCP’s Perspective

Changing After The Crisis: A CCP’s Perspective

In this video from FIA Expo, Mark Wetjen, managing director and head of global public policy for DTCC, talks about his recollections from the financial crisis, how policy has impacted DTCC, and Treasury securities as the next...

John Lothian Newsletter: The OCC looks to a bright confident day; Navinder Singh Sarao And The Flash Crash: Why Financial Market ‘Spoofing’ Is So Hard To Catch –And Even Harder To Prosecute; Centralised risk raises systemic worries over derivatives

First Read The Out of Options Motorcycle Club to Ride to Miami to Options Industry Conference John Lothian News (JLN) by John Lothian The Out of Options Motorcycle Club comes together to raise money by doing a charity motorcycle ride to the options conference. The...

Boca Bits & Pieces, Clearing Edition

One way to tell which topics are "trending up" on the conference circuit is the attendance at the various panels. Aside from the "big ones" - keynote addresses and exchange leader panels, for instance - the one garnering the most attention at this year's FIA Boca...

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