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CFTC, Chairman Skate Away From Testifying About Kraft

CFTC, Chairman Skate Away From Testifying About Kraft

In a win for the CFTC, the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals let the CFTC’s Commissioners breathe a bit more freely on Tuesday afternoon. The court ruled that the commissioners could not be required to provide testimony about their and the...

How Chris Giancarlo Helped The Futures Industry Get Its Groove Back

How Chris Giancarlo Helped The Futures Industry Get Its Groove Back

Chris Giancarlo will go down as perhaps the most popular regulator in industry history. The CFTC chairman, who will step down this year after joining the agency in January 2017, gave his farewell address at the FIA Boca conference this year with a focus on the agency’s achievements during his term.

Cold as ICE: Sprecher asks UK, How much do you love me?

In the battle for financial markets in Europe, exchanges would like some more communication about why they should stay in the UK. To hear one exchange leader tell it, UK markets could use a little more love. At the 10th annual FIA IDX conference on Tuesday, ICE...

John Lothian Newsletter: China’s Incendiary Market Is Fanned by Borrowers and Manipulation; Flash Boys Welcome: World Exchanges Woo High-Frequency Traders; Regulators Tie High-Speed Trading to Treasury Volatility

First Read Bits & Pieces By John J. Lothian It is storming in Chicago today. Tomorrow, weathering permitting, Jim, Doug, Patrick and I head to New York for the Summer Intern Education Series at the New York Stock Exchange on Wall Street on Wednesday, July 15....

2012 SEFCON III Highlights

During 2012 SEFCON III John Lothian News interviewed five key members of the WMBA. Click here to see all the interviews. The Wholesale Markets Brokers’ Association Americas (WMBAA) is an industry advocacy group made up of five inter-dealer brokerage firms (IDBs): BGC...

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