Dodd-Frank Act

A Look Back at Manipulation in the Metals Markets

A Look Back at Manipulation in the Metals Markets

Spoofing is Dunm (sic) and Just Plain Stupid If Bart Chilton were alive today, he would be smiling. The CFTC nailed another bank for metals futures market manipulation.  According to the CFTC website, “The Commodity Futures Trading Commission...

CFTC’s Massad Recaps 2016

Chairman says Reg AT is next big item on the list to finish before yearend. The futures industry's regulator had several initiatives in 2016 but the top items were tackling the issue of cybersecurity, margin and the upcoming finalization of automated trading rules. On...

MarketsReformWiki Reaches a Milestone

While we were sleeping, some time between midnight and 3 a.m. this morning, the page counter on MarketsReformWiki, our regulatory database, topped the 10 million mark, four and a half years after going live.  The site was started in 2011, just after the passage of the...

Data Dive: CFTC’s O’Malia says swaps analytics need work

The CFTC is mandated to help police the futures arena and its much bigger relative, the swaps market. Collecting and monitoring data on the swaps market has been a vexing problem for the agency, but CFTC Commissioner Scott O’Malia said it will solve it. “We have four...

FX Derivatives: A Special Case?

According to today’s FT, Europe is going through the same exercise the U.S. went through a few years ago regarding FX forwards. Are they swaps or are they not, and how tightly should they be regulated? Now, as was the case in the U.S., what hangs in the balance is...

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