Donnie Roberts

Donnie Roberts – Open Outcry Traders History Project

Donnie Roberts – Open Outcry Traders History Project

MarketsWiki Education's Open Outcry Traders History ProjectDonnie Roberts came to Chicago after graduating from graduate school with a love of futures and options trading. He chose Chicago over New York and London. He came to the visitor center of the...

Creative Juice: Sir Ken Robinson and FIA Boca 2015

At each year's FIA Boca conference, a certain topic, issue or person becomes "the thing everyone talks about." It may be an impending rule, a disruptive new technology, or an outlandish comment made at the exchange leader panel. Two years ago it was then-CFTC chairman...

Donnie Roberts, Thinkorswim – Traversing Seismic Shifts

"The biggest shift in this world is to a knowledge-based environment. You guys can fuel that." Donnie Roberts of Thinkorswim discusses how we all go through event shifts during our careers. Beginning with his start at Thinkorswim Group Inc., a small Chicago-based...

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