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Open Outcry Traders History Project Announced by John Lothian

Open Outcry Traders History Project Announced by John Lothian

John J. Lothian & Company, Inc., MarketsWiki Education and John Lothian Productions are pleased to announce plans for a large scale video project to collect the history of the open outcry era and traders’ personal stories. Additionally, John Lothian Productions plans to develop video documentaries about specific themes and subjects emerging from the collected personal histories.

MarketsWiki Hits 100 Million Page View Mark

MarketsWiki crossed the 100 million page view mark yesterday. 100,000,000! Talk about big data! MarketsWiki is what transformed John J. Lothian & Company, Inc. into a real company with employees, culture and ambition. Before it launched, JJLCO was just me and a...

Weathering a Storm

I had lunch with John Lothian and Doug Ashburn this last week. It was a nice day when got to Ceres so we sat outside. Soon after we ordered, our waitress rolled out the recently installed, maroon umbrellas to hide us from the impending rain clouds. The sky got darker...

Doug Ashburn Takes the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

On August 17, 2014, Doug Ashburn, vice president and editor-at-large at John Lothian News, accepted the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge issued by his son Colin. He dedicated the challenge to friend and industry veteran David Setters who has been battling ALS (or Motor...

HFT in the Crosshairs

When Michael Lewis’ “Flash Boys” hit the bookshelves a couple weeks ago, it was as if a giant HFT target had been placed on the shooting range. Since then, the calls for HFT curbs, taxes, and other regulation have become increasingly shrill. While John Lothian News...

Settling the LIBOR and FX Settlement Mess

The rapidly expanding probe into foreign exchange manipulation has certainly given journalists, pundits and regulators something else about which to write, talk and consider rules. Near as I can tell, though, these financial benchmark foibles are, by and large, not so...

John Lothian News Launches New Comprehensive News Website

John Lothian News Launches New Comprehensive News Website JLN Announces JLN Financials; Sarah Rudolph Named Managing Editor of JLN John Lothian News (“JLN”) is pleased to announce the launch of an eponymous comprehensive news website, The new site...

Five Minutes With Scot Warren

Scot Warren is senior managing director of equity index products and services at CME Group, a position he has held since February 2010. He is responsible for leading the company’s equity and equity index product lines, including new product launches such as the U.S....

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ETF trading surges on European stock exchanges

ETF trading surges on European stock exchanges

First Read $26,851/$300,000 (9.0%) Denise Knabjian ++++ Hits & Takes JLN Staff The U.S. has surpassed the 25 million Covid-19 infections level, according to data reported Sunday by Johns Hopkins University. JPX has signed a memorandum of understanding, or MOU,...

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