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Data Day in the case of U.S. v. Jitesh Thakkar

Data Day in the case of U.S. v. Jitesh Thakkar

In an abbreviated third trial day, the U.S. Department of Justice rested its case against Jitesh Thakkar and Edge Financial Technologies. Thakkar is on trial for allegedly facilitating the criminally fraudulent spoofing trading of Navinder...

Happy Anniversary to the S&P 500 Index Futures

I feel old. It seems like just yesterday I was visiting the CME trading floor over on Wacker Drive, meeting a friend from Wisconsin who was a new trader in the S&P 500 pit. Now the Spoos are turning 30 years old tomorrow. Look for news about this on the CME...

Futures Seeing Blue

As regulators, exchanges and firms comb through the mess that is MF Global, its painfully clear that this industry needs some self-examination. One of the life bloods of the futures business has come from retail and individual traders who help pump in liquidity. One...

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