Cash and Futures in Bitcoin Are a Different Story

The high margins charged by the CME and Cboe for bitcoin futures, and the additional margins required by the futures commission merchants to trade the products, have turned the normal dynamics of futures trading versus cash trading upside down. With the CME charging...

David Downey Stands Apart

David Downey is as pugnacious as he is passionate. He has battled and won, retired, and come back to battle again. Current CEO of OneChicago, he is a man on a mission to bring understanding and respect for OneChicago and its products. It is a fight he believes in and...

Gold: Deliver Me This

There is a problem in the gold market. The problem was outlined yesterday in a Wall Street Journal story about how HSBC was getting rid of retail clients and their small holdings of gold. Given the interest in the precious yellow metal, HSBC figures it can make more...

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