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CFTC, Chairman Skate Away From Testifying About Kraft

CFTC, Chairman Skate Away From Testifying About Kraft

In a win for the CFTC, the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals let the CFTC’s Commissioners breathe a bit more freely on Tuesday afternoon. The court ruled that the commissioners could not be required to provide testimony about their and the...

A Look Back at Manipulation in the Metals Markets

A Look Back at Manipulation in the Metals Markets

Spoofing is Dunm (sic) and Just Plain Stupid If Bart Chilton were alive today, he would be smiling. The CFTC nailed another bank for metals futures market manipulation.  According to the CFTC website, “The Commodity Futures Trading Commission...

Run Gary Run

It has been almost two years since Gary Gensler left the Commodity Futures Trading Commission as perhaps its most talked about, debated and in some circles, despised chairman. To some, his unrelenting drive to pound home rules established by the Dodd-Frank Act was...

John Lothian Newsletter: Hillary Clinton Said to Hire Former Wall Street Cop as Campaign CFO; BATS to Launch Second U.S. Options Exchange; FINRA Board Approves Changes to Communications With the Public Rules, Trading Activity Fee

First Read Tech Surge: Nasdaq's Lars Ottersgard on New Developments in the Technology Space Nasdaq, the world's first electronic stock market, is almost synonymous with technology, from listings to licensing. John Lothian News spoke with Lars...

Gensler a “scourge”? Really?

We confess to being puzzled at the Reuters story “Swaps regulator Gensler: banker turned Wall Street scourge” in today's Financials Newsletter talking about Gary Gensler’s legacy at the CFTC.  It is noted in the article that bankers really did not like the guy, thus...

A Whirlwind Trip to SEFCON

This past Sunday, I flew to New York for Monday’s SEFCON IV, the fourth annual get-together of swap execution facility (SEF) participants and the regulators who oversee this market. It was a whirlwind trip, literally and figuratively. I fought through pounding storms...

Scott O’Malia For CFTC Chairman

I believe President Obama should appoint Scott O’Malia as the acting chairman of the CFTC when Gary Gensler leaves the Commission at the end of the year. As the United States faces a shutdown of its government due to partisan fighting between Republicans and...

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