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JLN Financials: Fed’s Janet Yellen, in Testimony, Counsels Patience on Interest Rate Increase; ECB Denies It Plotted to Burn Greece Bondholders in 2012; Germany Sells Five-Year Debt at a Negative Yield

First Impressions Building Bricks: T-Bricks Could Be New Cornerstone For ORC JohnLothianNews.com Jonas Hansbo and his team left ORC in 2006 to focus on his own brand of trading and financial technology with a startup called T-Bricks. But Hansbo and his colleagues were...

John Lothian Newsletter: U.S. futures regulator’s chairman says probably will step down next year; Howard Lutnick’s BGC Wins Fight to Acquire Broker GFI; Derivatives Are for Hedging, Not Bundling, Farkas Says

First Read Why we needed a new website By John Lothian & Jim Kharouf Simon Sinek| became a TED Talk superstar with one simple statement about business: "People don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it." We take that question to heart and decided to answer the...

John Lothian Newsletter: SEC Charges Direct Edge Exchanges With Failing to Properly Describe Order Types; Transaction-tax plan brings fresh Wall Street battle to Capitol Hill; Turkey agrees derivatives deal with London Stock Exchange

First Read Bats Pays $14 Million Settling Claims Markets Obscured Rules By Sam Mamudi and Annabelle Ju, Bloomberg Bats Global Markets Inc. is paying a record fine to settle allegations that two stock exchanges it bought last year obfuscated a central part of how their...

Survey Says: It Depends

Tuesday marks day one of a two-day meeting of the Federal Open Market Committee. Will Fed Chair Janet Yellen offer up any clues as to the timing of a rate hike? Though the expectation is low that any fireworks are coming this week, many see the light at the end of the...

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Big Business Backs Away From Trump’s Party But Longs for Old GOP

Big Business Backs Away From Trump’s Party But Longs for Old GOP

First Read $24,451/$300,000 (8.2%) ++++ A more perfect union; FIA President and CEO Walt Lukken shares a personal perspective on Washington riots Walt Lukken - FIA Normally, this column offers opinions on the global policies and trends of our industry, but last week's...

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