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Has the blockchain hype finally peaked?; Launch of Consortium and Proof of Concept Testing for Capital Market Infrastructure Utilizing Blockchain Technology; RBS Falls on BOE Stress Test Failure, Plan to Shrink Further

First Read Blockchain That Makes Sense: How Post-Trade Digital Ledger Technology Will Make Banks And Brokers Happy Jim Kharouf - JLN When you talk about the potential for digital ledger technology, words like revolutionary and transformative are often mentioned. Ray...

John Lothian Newsletter: Japan Exchange Group chief Saito seeks derivatives partners; Asia regulators attack EU over clearing house standards; European Watchdog Warns of Possible Action Against Ratings Agencies

First Read Indexing Israel: Steven Schoenfeld Talks About His Next Index Venture JohnLothianNews.com Steven Schoenfeld knows a thing or two about stock indexes as the chief investment officer of BlueStar Indexes and author of the book Active Index Investing. He spoke...

Asia: Pieces Falling Into Place

Asia: Pieces Falling Into Place

Talking about Asia often leaves professionals from those regions a bit tongue-tied. When JLN decided to do a special report talking about Asia, many of those experts had the same question: “Which country? Asia is a big place.”...

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