John J. Lothian

A Stake in the Heartland

Yesterday, while the John Lothian News team was breaking the story of Russ Wasendorf’s attempted suicide and financial irregularities at PFGBest, one of our young interns thought the PFG we were talking about stood for the Price Futures Group.  No, it was not that...

I am not a Futures Broker (Anymore)

I am not a futures broker... anymore that is.  Wow!  What a feeling!  (See Taking My Own Advice from Friday for why.) Since 1984 I have worked for a futures brokerage firm, been a futures broker, or a proprietary trader.  Of course, since 2000 or 2003, depending on...

Taking My Own Advice

Recently several friends of mine have come to me after having been terminated by their brokerage firm or proprietary trading firm employers.  I listened to their stories then gave them a pep talk about the bright opportunities in front of them in light of all the...

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