Keystone Pipeline

JLN Environmental/Energy: EPA’s McCarthy: ‘Responsible’ gas production key to climate strategy; Power play: how global electricity markets are shifting; REDD+ Finance: What Do We Know About The Private Sector Contribution?

In this edition, differing views on natural gas role in U.S. mix and as an export candidate, plus nat gas to factor in broad energy trading talks as Obama administration heads to Brazil. The New York Times has Dow Chemical’s Andrew Liveris “Foreseeing Trouble in...

JLN Environmental/Energy: Petroleum groups ask EPA for relief from biofuel mandate; In his second term, Obama becomes bolder on the environment; More of America’s wind turbines are actually being built in America

In this edition, The Washington Post offers, In his second term, Obama becomes bolder on the environment. And in our Water section: A Texan tragedy: ample oil, no water from The Guardian and Report: Water companies must do more to curb carbon emissions from Business...

JLN Environmental/Energy: Why It Finally Makes Political Sense to Talk About Climate Change; Europe’s Biggest Solar Projects Threatened by China Deal; Shale Threatens Saudi Economy, Warns Prince Alwaleed

In this edition, more follow-up on the EU-China solar deal throughout our Leads section. The National Journal digs into the mucky muck of politicizing climate change. Quote of the Day:“The research shows that the concept of being out of touch is a problem for older...

JLN Environmental/Energy: Vattenfall writes down $4.6 billion in ailing energy market; Leading Republican says U.S. biofuel policy needs overhaul; China’s Coal-Fired Economy Dying of Thirst as Mines Lack Water

In this edition, coverage of Europe’s electricity challenges, in Vattenfall writes down $4.6 billion in ailing energy market from Reuters and an FT column A real energy revolution needs us to look beyond sound bites. From the U.S.: House Lawmakers Say Renewable-Fuel...

JLN Environmental/Energy: Europe comfortable combining with Australia's carbon market; As World’s Largest Solar Thermal Plant Opens, California Looks to End Solar Wars; California floats cap-and-trade rule changes

In this edition, coverage about a potential EU, Australian carbon hook-up. There’s Bloomberg’s report of an Accenture study on the link and some perspective from the Sydney Morning Herald. Elsewhere, California floats cap-and-trade rule changes. And from the solar...

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Europe digs in for a long battle with the virus

Europe digs in for a long battle with the virus

First Read $12,791/$300,000 (4.3%) Leticia Manos, Ray Mckenzie and Nils-Robert Persson ++++ Election 2020: Tight Races Set Stage for Continued Period of Volatility By Suzanne Cosgrove - John Lothian News Here's how the presidential election 2020 is unfolding in its...

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