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The Spread – The (Out)Take from FIA Boca

The Spread – The (Out)Take from FIA Boca

After much travel and a spell of ill health, we can confidently say The Spread is back in action. Our “weekly” options news recap will be much more of a weekly affair now. (Flu season is pretty much over, right?) The JLN crew was at...

Regulatory Preparedness: Are We There Yet?

“The nature of what firms want to buy in this space has changed dramatically. They don’t want an integration project, they don’t want a problem.  They are really looking for suppliers who can deliver everything in one place — kind of a one stop shop. Trade once,...

NEX Stop, The Future Of Markets

Sometimes the machine needs a reboot. Such is the case with NEX Group, the former ICAP group minus the ICAP voice brokerage business. By now, we know that NEX's CEO Michael Spencer looked to the future and decided that voice brokering wasn't it. That doesn't mean it...

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